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Friday, September 21, 2012

"Return Of The Nightwriter........................"

Good Morning;
Well....another night out here behind the library with the TV and the laptop with the keyboard from Hell.
I was over Jenn's, for one of the last times at the apartment at her m-i-l's house, from Monday night until this afternoon. It was a typical one night planned, three nights actual, visit. Except for somehow  pulling a muscle in my neck/shoulder, not getting any sleep, being at the bottom of a depression cycle, and running out of meds and experiencing the beginnings of withdrawal......it was a good time.

I stopped and saw Monkee and got a 'bupe' so I'd have meds for Thursday and Friday. I have a column to finish and send as soon as the library opens at 9:00 am., and then go down to the City Paper offices to see Evan. He told me he could get me advance, which will be a lifesaver right now.

It feels strange having to think where to spend the night each night again.
I looked around at the pavement on the side of the library and StinkyBarry was there laying down his cardboard as I was setting up at the picnic table, about 10:30 pm. About 1:00 am. I was putting some in the dumpster and saw that AlkyMark the Caddyholic had stumbled over and crashed out too. I was hoping that the local police patrol's preference of the side parking lot and his paranoia towards the cops and having people watch him sleep would keep
   him away, after his reactions last week.

Well I'm getting tired of spending a third of my time on this laptop backspacing and erasing 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's !
So it's now time to finish, (maybe), watching "The Blues Brothers-2000" then   haul my tired old ass around the corner and lay down myself. It's too late to scope out anywhere else tonight and it's starting to get chilly too.
The sleeping bags and blankets are freshly washed and calling my name.


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