Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Friday Was Flyday, Up, Down, & Across Town.....And Back........"

Good Morning;

So I'm about to pack up the TV and the laptop, wander down to the gas station and try to use the restroom. Not so much a matter of access as ability.... :(
Then back up here to the other side of the library to find a place to lay out my sleeping gear where the Sun won't be in my face at quarter to 6:00 am. like the past few times I slept here....twice accompanied by Babbling Barry supplying color commentary to his invisible audience. I am exhausted but have not been able to get to sleep until just before, and at Jenn's.
The effects are cumulative too.

Turned in a draft of a column to Evan at the City Paper for next week by e-mail from the library about Noon, then went down to their offices and picked up a few bucks as an advance on next Fridays check. I stopped at the coffee shop for the rest of the afternoon and evening, then down to Monkee's for a couple hours of chat and catching up, and picked up meds to last through Wednesday. Then back up to Pikesville, the Giant, and here behind the library.
I've been on bus, subway, light rail, lr, lr, b, b, s, b......all for $1.20.
Can't beat the day pass the MTA came up with, (of course the scheduling and 60% of the driver's attitudes aren't worth a bucket of cold spit...).

Anyway.....stick fork in me hon, I'm done!


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