Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Hit The Road Jack.......OR.....The Shit Has Hit The Fan................."

Good Evening;

So.....I'm sitting here outside at Midnight, behind the library, again.
Ho hum....yawn, you say, so what, that's nothing new.
Ah....but this time everything from the shed that I want to keep, (out of the surprisingly large accumulation of 'stuff' that was in there) is in 10 trash bags, an Army duffel bag, and the 2 bags I carry with me on a daily basis, all sitting in, on, or around a shopping cart from Giant!)
What you say....but why?

Well, back up to this morning when I was awakened by a strange buzzing vibration and noise. I thought it might be the landscaping crew with a weed-eater cutting around the fence and walls. I got up, dressed, packed, and got ready to leave the shed. As I checked through the peepholes in the wall and door I saw demolition/construction company trucks in the lot, the door to the office building open, and men going in. The noise that woke me was a jackhammer and it's compressor being used inside the building.
I was in the process of slipping out and locking up when one of the workers saw me. He did not say anything or seem to pay any attention to me so I just headed around the corner and up to the Giant.
And when I went to use the restroom, John, the porter, had it blocked off like a HazMat site. He put on a disposable face mask, gloves, boots, and a plastic apron and headed in with the heavy duty, high pressure water hose from the warehouse to spray off the walls and floor and fixtures that someone had splattered with feces after they used the urinal as a commode.
This has been a recurring and escalating situation, that just happened to peak on a morning when my nerves were on edge and my gastro-intestinal system in urgent need of immediate relief. After I and a second 'shopper in need of relief' checked to be sure the ladies room was empty, (and drafted another random customer to act as doorman, promising to return the favor), I was able to partially sedate the evil-mutant-ninja-robotic-butterflies that were terrorizing my stomach lining......(enough to begin to dissolve it with!). 

And do some low, low budget shopping. A $1.00 loaf of white bread, because there was nothing cheaper on the 'day old' rack, and a 4 pc. package of 'fully cooked breaded veal patties' for $1.59,[actually they're not half bad-(with the white bread, if you put enough mayo on it I can eat most some marinara sauce and melted provolone/mozzarella/Parmesan cheeses on a toasted sub roll or focaccia bread. With the "Dunkin' Dumpster" doughnuts, and the 1/2 dozen bagels I was gifted with, this is food for the next few days.
But I am off on another tangent.

After the Giant it was over to East Baltimore to see Monkee and pay her a few dollars on the debt and grab a couple days worth of meds, which still leaves me short when these are gone because of the gap between then and the refill date. The day just kept getting better. Then, the bus back up North Ave. was ridiculously late and so overcrowded that although I was able to get a seat in the very front so I would be able to get off at the Light Rail I had to put my shoulder bag on the floor in front of me, with one leg on the side of it with my foot hanging down the stairwell, and the other foot on my bag. Needless to say the bus was the one that was filled with 15 or so women already high as hell from their daily dose, coming from the Methadone Clinic with their weekend "takehomes"...which they were in the process of selling and/or trading....when they weren't falling out of their seats...... face first! By the time the bus got up to the District Courthouse it was like being in a can of sardines! Maybe half a dozen people got off but 20 forced their way on, to the point that the door would not shut at first, until some people twisted and wriggled around. Even though the driver tried to stop well before or after the stop when people wanted to exit the bus, people STILL bumrushed the front door, and did the 'ghetto slide' sneaking in the back door. Meanwhile, there was a big dude  mouthing off and trying start trouble... a fight... or both, with "white boy this" and "white boy that", about my bag and where I was sitting.

Eventually I got to the Light Rail unscathed and made my way to the coffee shop. I ate, drank coffee, read the paper and my book, and caught up on a sh*tload of e-mails.  After 6 hours of no keyboard problems the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee key began f*cking up again just before closing.....and since I started here outside tonight.
It has been a real p-i-t-a trying to type this!

But, you don't care about all that, do you? You just want to find out WTF!!
happened with the shed!
Well.......I caught the 9:55 pm. bus from the Old Court subway station and got off across from the gas station and hit the "Dunkin' Dumpster" to 'reload' After that I crossed the street heading for the shed.
As I came around the corner I had a bad feeling and saw the edge of a construction dumpster. My heart was racing and felt like it was in my throat as I saw another dumpster under the carport and the awnings from the office building piled in front of the shed door. I walked closer and saw that the door and frame had been torn and twisted apart and ripped open. This nearly brought me full circle to this morning and had my stomach doing flips and flops. I unlocked the lock and salvaged it and my chain and went inside the shed. Amazingly it looked as if nothing was touched. I grabbed some plastic trash bags and started putting things I wanted to keep into them. I ended up leaving a bunch of books, some clothes that don't fit, a couple umbrellas and some miscellaneous crap. I may slip back in there in a few minutes to see what else I may want. The first time I was most concerned about just getting in and out quickly.

In any case, this keyboard is driving me crazy!....gotta go!


P.S.  and I guess you've noticed that I have not addressed WHERE I and my possessions are going next....ummmmm,
Your Guess Is As Good As Mine!

P.P.S. and that 'light at the end of the tunnel' that I thought was a sign that this episode of depression, et. al., was beginning to abate.......NOT!
It was just the headlights of the express bus on the "Highway To Hell!"

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