Monday, September 17, 2012

"Here Today....Gone Tomorrow,--Tomorrow Hell, Gone Tonight!!!...& ...You Have The Right To Remain Silent Fool!--Freakin' Use It! ..... & .....Uncomfortably Numb.............."

Good Evening;

Well..........I'm outside the library again tonight after spending a lazy, (except for the ecstasy and agony of watching the Ravens play, then lose, to the Eagles), day at the coffee shop.

I spent last night until 4:00 am. watching TV and playing on the laptop out here too.....after getting a big shock when I got off the bus and found only an empty lot and a blank wall! Now after the events of Friday and Friday night it was only to be expected.....but damn....that was quick!

So I ended up sleeping on the pavement on the side of the library.
It was like Grand Central Station last night! Besides Barry aka Rainman aka StinkyUrineMan who I knew was there, I was unpleasantly surprised to find Mark the AlkyCrackHead Caddy passed out in his sleeping bag a few feet farther down.
I moved to the far end, and since I was in my sweats, just laid out some cardboard and blankets and stretched out thinking I'd get 4 or 5 hours sleep.....NOT!
At 10 minutes to 6:00 am. 'Rainman' was up and babbling away at full volume about freakin' camera shutter settings ..... TO NO ONE!  After a couple of shouted "Shut The F*ck Up!"s went unheeded I had to get up and head to the benches out in front. About 20 minutes later  he wandered off towards the 7-11 and I went back and dozed on and off  for 2 hours then got up and packed and stopped in the Giant before catching the buses to Mt. Washington.

John gave me a ride back to Pikesville after the Starbucks closed and I stopped in the Giant and made the mistake of engaging Mark the CrackheadCaddy in simple conversation because he happened to be standing next to me. I couldn't get rid of him when he saw me here at the table, once when he first found me and again a few minutes ago when he came around geeking out all paranoid about the cop car that came and sat in the lot. It was either just before or just after shift change and is a normal thing as they catch up on paperwork etc. But of course she was 'sitting and staring' at him.
What a textbook example of the massive death and/or irreparable damage of brain cells due to 'hittin the pipe'!

Speaking of the police..... I had a visit last, (Sat.), night from my buddy Officer Ransom. We talked for a half  hour or so before he had to speed off with lights and siren going, joining 3 other cars flying up Reisterstown Rd......if only Mark Then there really WAS a cop staring at him!!'s getting to be that time of year, (and night), and my freakin' fingers are getting "uncomfortably numb" and starting to hurt, same as always when the temperature drops below 60 degrees......and for which the neuro-docs have never found an explanation.


P.S.......Welcome new follower John!

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Thanks Dave for the honor of being able to follow you Sir....