Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Back To Sleeping Under The Stars .................. AKA. .............. Pray Hard For A Long Indian Summer....."

Good Afternoon; son-in-law just left here with half a dozen bags of 'stuff' that I grabbed from the shed last night, mostly cold weather, (booo....hissssssss!!), items like the other, heavier, sleeping bag, quilt, blankets, etc. Some copies of magazines and newspapers, and the little bits of extra clothing I have. Most will go into the attic of their new home that they are moving into bit by bit, and some to where they are now at his mother's so I will have clean clothes to change into after showering when I go up there Monday night with Jenn after her HG meeting. She needs me to watch the kids on Tuesday and maybe Tuesday night, so I will be up there until Wednesday midday.

I have been here at the library, out back on the picnic table until about 4:00 am. Then laying down on the side of the building, (luckily upwind from Barry!!!), until about 8:00 am., then either on the bench or back under the portico in the shade organizing and re-bagging my possessions, until 2:00 am., then in here for the past hour on the computers.

I have one days bus fare and I think I'm heading over to the coffee shop because I haven't had any caffeine yet today. I'm pretty sure I can scrounge up bus fare for Sunday and Monday while I'm there.
It looks like dinner is the last veal patty and/or bagels, with a late night snack and breakfast tomorrow from the "Dunkin' Dumpster".

As for sleeping looks dry for the next few days, so I'm just going to crash out again beside the library after I am done watching TV out back.

I knew that something was about to happen with the shed because of the way everything else has been heading downhill, from mental health to money in the past 2 weeks. The City Paper column being one bright spot shining like a beacon through the shitstorm that is my life. The Urbanite publishing my essay in it's very last issue is typical of the 'up-down-no middle ground' yo-yo effect I call life.

Anyway, that's about it for now......


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