Monday, September 17, 2012

"Monday..........First Day Of the Year - 5773............"

Good Afternoon;

So....I'm here at the library about to head over to the coffee shop for a few hours, then Jenn is picking me up after her HG and we're heading back to Monkton. She needs me to watch one or both, (Depending on whether the DMV has finally sent out her change of address cards for her driver's licence so she has an'official' piece of mail to show the Baltimore County Public School bureaucracy so Ed can be enrolled in the elementary school that actually abuts their property at the new house. They are still in the process of moving in bit by bit as time, vehicles, and finances allow, so until she has that paperwork, Ed is in limbo.), of the grandmonsters tomorrow morning, and possibly again tomorrow night. So I'll be staying there until Wednesday morning or early afternoon....("Weather" or not I need to monstersit or not!!! Have you seen the forecast for Monday night through early Wednesday...? 'Gonna rain like a sumbitch!')

Anyway...I'm outta here for now, I just found and borrowed enough coin for bus fare for today...finally....(and it was only 95 cents I needed, but it's Rosh Hashana and nobody Jewish I knew was here in Pikesville at the Giant, library, or elsewhere, and I did not run into any of my 'goyim' friends 'til I wish it had been earlier so I could have made it to SSA and DSS when I had somewhere to leave all my bags and sleeping gear etc. It's too late now, the person who was going to let me leave them in the back of her store is gone and the other managers don't know me.

Maybe more tonight from Jenn's.......


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