Saturday, January 17, 2009

Flash Frozen...Freeze Dried...I.Q.F....

Hello my fellow denizens of the deep-freeze;
Just wanted to post a note to say I am still alive after last night's 'Big Chill'. The Raven Fever currently over-running Baltimore is only one reason that I am bright purple, as is the surrounding air from my prose regarding my deep abiding hatred of c'c'c'cold weather! The most exciting thing that has happened in the past 24 hours has been watching my pee freeze on contact with the ground at 4:00 am. this morning when I was forced out of my sleeping by the call of nature (and an aging prostate), {sorry to those of delicate sensibilities...LOL}. Oh yeah and a $3.00 winner on an instant lottery ticket scratch-off.
More later, if I have any inspirations. I was going to go downtown to hear Pres. Elect Obama speak, but it is just too damn cold, my feet and my hands become extremely painful and unbearable, I'll catch it in the newspaper tomorrow and on the internet.
Bye for now....Dave
And one more thing..

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