Thursday, January 29, 2009

Showered with shirts..

Good afternoon all;
The rain and ice yesterday ended up being much too nasty to travel in, so I turned back around and got back on the computer and started an e-friendship and conversation with my new cyber buddy Mary, and checked out some free DVDs. I went back to Starbucks and read until they closed at 8:00 pm., emptied their garbage so they would not have to deal with the ice, and came back to the library. I rode the subway for a few hours after the library closed, and finally bedded down about 11:30 pm. I was comfortable until around 5:00 am. and the I got a chill in my feet I could not warm up, so i got up at 6:00 am. and went to.. where else!! I tried to find place to shower and could not, until 2:30 pm. when I reached my friend Mordecai, and he had me meet him at his place. As we were leaving he brought out a bunch of shirts for me to check out, so now I have 3 new long sleeve button down dress/sport shirts...Ala I need now is a new (at least to me ) pair of pants without a busted zipper, I think the safety pin holding this pair is about too rust to death...LOL. I am hoping to be able to see Rachel tomorrow (and wash a load of clothes at her mother's house, if she is not in one of her "obstructive" moods).

I am starting to get frustrated/worried/nervous about cash right now. I am down to my last $1.50 and although I have meds for a few days, and some food, and coffee credit, there is still a different vibe in my life when I have a few bucks in my pocket. I could go out to the corner, but it is really cold, I don't want to deal with the junkie crew competition, and I just don't want to. I am trying to find some way to make some money(legit), but no luck yet, I'll keep up the prayers and something will drop....always does (eventually).

I have been examining the idea of somehow acquiring a Baltimore City Peddler's permit. I figure that, if I like standing around on a street corner , I may as well be legally making money at it, perhaps I can find an "Angel" as they're called on Broadway, to stake me the license and some sort of small easily portable stock. NO NOT THAT KIND!!!

ANY TAKERS???? times up, gotta go for now, ....Dave

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