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Saturday, March 24, 2012

"From 'Dr.'.............to.................'E.R'...................."

Good Morning;
Well, I'm still here at Jenn's to watch the grandmonsters, but the reasons have changed.

Tom was supposed to DJ a Karaoke night at a local nightspot for a fellow DJ who had 2 bookings on the same night, but, one of the 2 bars screwed up and had also booked a band.... so since "sh*t runs downhill", Tom was bumped out of his gig tonight. No big deal (except for the loss of a payday), and Tom was going to go to the anniversary meeting that Jenn was going to and help their friend celebrate....until plans changed again and he took Jenn to the ER at St. Joseph's Hospital in Towson instead.

Jenn has had an infection that has been causing her great discomfort and she went to the doctor on Thursday. She was given antibiotics and instructions on how to deal with the problem, a clogged and infected milk duct, and also what to look out for if it got worse. When she picked me up from the Light Rail this evening every bump in the road and twist and turn of the steering wheel showed the pain she was feeling. When we got back to the house and she showered she had decided to skip the meeting and go to bed, but before she did she took her temperature, which was elevated but not critical. Within the next 30 minutes though it had spiked and at a few minutes before 9:00 pm. Tom was driving her to the ER.

When they had not returned and I had not heard from them by 1:45 am. I started texting and e-mailing to see what was up. (And I saw that she had sent me an e-mail at 10:45 pm. that she had been seen and they were trying to get blood drawn.....which was the third attempt, and things were NOT going well!)
Tom texted me back that they had just admitted and she was on her way upstairs to a room with broad spectrum IV antibiotics, fluids, and a painkiller.....
The diagnosis was now cellulitis, and she was spending the night....at least one night.

Tom got home about 3:30 am. and has an electrical work job tomorrow, so he is getting up 'early' as he can....(which is a very
large possible time frame....and it's a 'relative' term....lol)....and going to the hospital then to the jobsite, then back to get Jenn, if necessary and she is not being held another night/day.
So I told them I was free to be with the kids for the whole weekend at least, and not to worry. 

Luckily my doctor had a 7 day sample package of Blood Pressure meds for me when I asked and told her I ran out on Thursday and would not be able to get to the pharmacy until Sunday, (now Monday) at the earliest. Except for my muscle relaxers I'm good on everything else, and I can work around them for a couple days....(and the hot flashes and alternating cold chills from not being able to wean off them slower are nothing if not familiar, 'lite' versions of what I've dealt with before.)

Anyway.....I'm exhausted, and even though the little darlings were up late and there is no school tomorrow,(today!!!),......you know they'll be up early....!!


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