Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"No More Pink!!!!!!!........................oil can Oil Can OIL CAN...................................Elementary My Dear Watson........................"

Good Evening;
So the 3 nights and 2 days up here in the country are nearing their end. In the morning I'll be riding either in to town with Tom, (my s.-i.-l.), or he'll be dropping me off at the Light Rail in Hunt Valley. Then it's down to Monkee's to pick up meds, which I have run out of completely tonight, for the rest of the month.

It has been a pretty quiet couple days since Jenn brought me up here Monday night after her HG meeting. (Monday I was at the coffee shop most of the day after stopping at the library.) I was needed to watch Devin while Jenn and Tom took Edward to appointments with the school and the doctor yesterday and today, and needless to say I am "pinked" For a 3 year old, (who will be 4 on the 26th of this month), she has a phenomenal memory, ( the and of course sometimes remembers those throwaway promises made just to get her to hush up or eat, We were playing a SpongeBob version of the classic matching pairs game sometimes known as "Concentration", with a 72 card 9x8 grid, and if a card was turned up once and turned back over because of no match, and she turned up the matching card 2,3,4, or even 5 or more turns later her hand shot out like a laser beam to the exact spot of the original card, even when the grid was full and the game was fresh!
Beat my tired old, suffering from C.R.S. butt into the!

Physically and mentally my rhythms have been really screwed up and sleep is still not easy to least not when I want/need/should be.

And it seems that just when I hit the most important R.E.M. sleep periods, either it's the damn feakin' cats going apesh*t, just for the hell of it, or informing the whole household that "we are hungry!!!!!!....get the f*ck up....NOW!!! ", or worse......time to wake Edward up for school.....'the horror.....the horror'!! I've been having the same numbness/tingling in my fingers and right arm that was troubling me so bad last January, (2011), and Sunday night besides the left side problems with the Sciatic nerve, my right foot got cold and would not warm up for 4 hours. 
Here it has not been a problem, but the left lower back has me moving from floor to recliner to floor to regular intervals or I don't get back to sleep if I just try to change positions. 

Things are beginning to bud and bloom up here and I don't know if it is seasonal change or some sort of reaction to some of the materials used in constructing the rooms here in the previously unfinished basement, (sometimes there is outgassing, and there is NO ventilation down here, [other than the single heat vent and return], no fresh air unless the basement door would be left open.....and with 4 inside cats.....ain't happenin'!), but I've been getting clogged or swollen sinuses and a weird headache, and deep aches in all my muscles and my joints feel as if they were rusting shut and the first movements when I get up after sitting or laying down hurt extremely badly. It feels as if they need to be 'broken free' and actually grind then snap. Not A lot of fun getting up in a hurry!

With a scheduled Doctors appt. coming up in 2 weeks I'm not making a special trip just to wait for 3 to 5 hours, so I'm just trying to treat the symptoms as well as I can with what I have.

I have a mystery to solve.
Here at Jenn's, (which is actually her husband Tom's mother's house), in Monkton, there came in the mail a package.....
addressed to me "C/O Jennifer C." (her married name which also begins with C.) at this address, not a forward from the apartments.
It appears to be a woman's handwriting. The package was a 5 x 7 manilla mailing envelope with aforementioned hand printed address on a standard white adhesive label. The envelope had 5 Forever stamps, (which had no visible cancellation marks), and was sealed with scotch tape over the clasp..and there was no return address or any sign of a postmark or other USPS processing, (which could be because of the bulk of the envelope precluded any automated handling?).

Inside were 20 tubular type packets of Starbucks VIA Instant Colombian Coffee, 5 of Tasters Choice Instant Coffee, & 5 of Wylers Strawberry Kiwi Instant Drink Mix, all are individual or 'singles' making 1 cup of coffee or designed for pouring into a 16-20 oz. bottled water container.......

To my mysterious benefactress, Many Thanks for the contents......
and if you were trying to mess with my head.....
You've Succeeded! 
On a couple levels!!
Jenn and I have been "Sherlocking" this case and playing with some 
logical deductions about who you might possibly be.....
but.......more needs to be discovered before any public 
guesses are announced.


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