Thursday, March 8, 2012

"From Monkton Monotony To MTA Madness To Monkee's To Mt. Washington.................".

Good Evening;
Well it was back to the joys of the MTA this morning, after a sleepless night of alternating chills and night sweats with some early morning diarrhea thrown in.
After talking to Monkee when I finally got to her place on the bus...after spending half the day on a light rail trail that was blocked by a train that broke down, then having 2 buses pass by that were so full that the driver stopped 10 yards away to discharge passengers and be able to take off before being bum-rushed by the 'people' on the stop, the bus was still THAT full. Then an hour and 15 minute wait for another bus when there were supposed to be buses every 15 minutes, and 4 buses show up again overcrowded, and I was lucky enough to choose the one filled with heroin addicts who had just left the methadone clinic....."Weebles wobble....and they DO fall down!" and oh the 'conversating' I got to listen to!

I took the long way back to the coffee shop; bus to Madison St., walk to Hopkins station, Metro subway to State Center, walk to Cultural Center Stop, Light Rail to Mt. Washington......with the extra burden of my clean laundry throwing me off feet still hurt.

Tonight it's back to the shed, and I am already missing having a battery that lasts more than 7 minutes max., and not having power anymore in the shed. It's a beautiful night to sit in front of the library and tap into their WiFi, or in the shed and use the FedEx/Kinko WiFi, I've come to realize that one of the reasons the quality and quantity of the posts here has dropped this past winter is the absence of having the ability to write late at night when the muse most often happens by. The lack of spontaneity and increasing degree of C.R.S. is very least to me.

Okay, gotta pack up and head over to the bus stop,

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