Friday, March 16, 2012

"Internal Affairs"................... "Mystery Date"................... "Rejection Seat"............ "Power Vacuum"

Good Afternoon;
Well I'm at the library again after a rough morning and early afternoon. There is definitely something wrong internally with my gastro-intestinal system, beyond the known issues. The 'sour stomach' and gas incidents leading to diarrhea and vomiting are becoming more frequent. Next Friday I see the doctor.....I hope that the respite that seems to have occurred extends until then.

I just noticed that all the dates on the packages of Starbucks VIA instant coffee I recieved anonymously in the mail at Jenn's have expired "best if used by" dates of Dec. 2010 or Feb. 2011!
 (And just FYI, I have not used any of them at any time that would correllate with the above issues)

I am considering heading over to the coffee shop for a while when I finish here, since the library closes at 5:30 today, I have been there only once this week, Wednesday.

In other news, I have gotten my 350th official rejection to a job application since I have been on the street. So much for "get a job, any job". The only possible jobs I could have taken were the ones I can no longer physically do. From an attitude of "it won't take too long" to "something will show up" to "hopelessly discouraged" took me just about 5 years. And who knows where the S.S.I. claim is at this point. If I could have found suitable work it would have been dropped like a hot potato, but.....

Anyway, time is up here, and I'm just so tired and wiped out...I may just go and lay down and try to sleep. I've got the TV charged up so I have about 100 minutes of air time if I wake up in the middle of the night, and it's warm enough to sit out side the library and either watch it or read and recharge it from the one available electrical socket left in the area, (other than the wsubway stations). I just wish the wifi from the library would reach through the brick walls to where the outlet is.


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