Monday, March 12, 2012

"Space...The Final Frontier....(Of Common Courtesy)...................&................Sunday In The Park.................."

Good Afternoon;
Well....As the last post shows, the keyboard on the laptop is screwed up....again.
Saturday night at the Starbucks I was sitting at the last round table, by the rear door, and the middle eastern man sitting on the chair across from the woman on the bench at the next table over, which was out of place and closer than usual, kept hopping up and sitting on the bench next to her to look at her laptop screen. At the same time he kept sitting on or leaning up against my 'food bag' and crushing things inside. I tried moving it closer to me, within what we as Americans would consider my own 'personal space', but this only allowed him to sit fully on the bench, almost in my lap, instead of perching on the edge. Now on the other side of the woman who was sitting on the bench was room for 3 people but her books and papers had spilled all over the seating area all the way down to the person sitting at the third round table in the row.

I was just about to ask them to slide over a bit when he stood up and began swinging his arm about to emphasize a point he was making and slammed in to my arm as I was picking up my coffee to take a drink. Coffee slopped out of the cup and onto my keyboard and I let out with a short, sharp and very loud and perturbed vocal outburst that succinctly expressed my displeasure, (the actual verbiage is left to the readers imagination). He looked up, looked over at me and looked at the keyboard as I frantically attempted to absorb the coffee before it seeped into the crevices below them.

And then he looked back at whatever he was doing, with no comment, apology, or even acknowledgement that he had even made contact or caused the mishap, and then he sat down right on top of the food bag. This time he got up pushed the bag out of the way and continued jabbering on into his cell phone. I had to get up and walk away at this point taking the laptop into the bathroom and using the high power warm air hand drier to try to quickly evaporate the coffee. And because if I opened my mouth I was not sure if I could have held back my anger, which I'm pretty sure would set this guy off too, leading to 'confrontation complications'...(.to euphemize it......LOL!). One of the problem is that this particular cup of coffee was highly sugared, which I think is why it has not been like the other spill in which the problem went away in a few days.
I'm going over Jenn's this afternoon so I'm going to see if Tom has anything to help clean the keyboard.

Yesterday was a great Sunday though, (which is a major change!), Rachel and I took the Light Rail to the Falls Road stop and walked the boardwalk to Lake Roland and Robert. E. Lee park. We had a picnic lunch and she easily petted every other one of the 150 dogs we saw being
Today I am paying for all the walking though, even though we stopped frequently and sometimes sat down.

Time's up here at the library..........more soon, possibly at Jenn's if I can get on their laptop tonight.


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