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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Time To Switch To 'Equal'....................................."

Good Evening
Well after 2 days of not even taking it out of my bag the laptop is working at about 94% of it's former efficiency. I am minus 2 more keycaps, (for a total of 3), and the 3x4 grid of keys;
have to be pressed firmly, deliberately, and not too quickly.
And the a, s, & e keys are prone to the intermittent 'no show' if one starts typing too fast. A dose of high pressure directed solvent spray seems indicated, a quickly evaporating alcohol based type to dissolve the remaining sugar and blow it out should work.
It is really annoying to have the Muse drop by and give the old inspiration driver a hotshot and after I've finished typing another masterpiece of irony, satire, and absurdity......having to go back and decode it then insert all the 'e'-'r'-'a' & 's's .......lol.

Anyway......I spent from Monday afternoon to this afternoon at Jenn's in Monkton. I got to wash clothes, take a couple showers, and Tom pulled out the gas grill yesterday evening and I grilled steaks and hot dogs while Jenn took care of the baked potatoes etc., and Tom and Edward set the dining room table and we all sat down to a family dinner for a change. Which went quite smoothly.....all things considered.....lol.
Sleep was again a problem, and the combination of the extremely warm temps. and the fact that the basement apartment has a design flaw of no outside ventilation and that the windows were sheetrocked over is a bad sign for the hot summer days....and nights....to come. 

Jenn dropped me off at the shed after we went to Devin's speech therapy session. There are signs that something was done inside the now gutted office bldg. over the past couple days. I'm not sure what or how much, but the search for new lodgings continues even as I write this.

Time to pack up, and it is becoming tiresome typing anyway.
(OR--- Tim  to pck  up, nd it i bcoming tiom typing nywy)


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