Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Still Alive And Kicking...............If Barely Awake........................"

Good Morning;
Well, I've been up here in Monkton at Jenn's since Monday afternoon. I spent Monday  night by design to watch the grandmonsters and Tuesday night by default because it took less effort.....Jenn, Tom, and I were, (and still are) exhausted, no one slept well the past few nights. Even Sunday night, (you remember Sunday night's post, right?.....seems some of you were a bit freaked out.......well, for those who took the time to write and express their concerns,  I want to let you know that I'm grateful and I did not act on it.....), in the shed I could not get to sleep. Al had given me a ride to Reisterstown Plaza and I was in Pikesville by 9:00 pm. so I ended up behind the library at the picnic table where I ate dinner and plugged in the TV, and the phone to charge, and watched TV until near Midnight, then went back to the shed and watched for another 100 minutes until the battery died, then read until the lantern battery died. By this time it was after 4:00 am., and I was still up at 7:20 am. and out to the Giant by 7:45 am. and then in front of the library on the bench watching the traffic until 9:00 am. when it opened.

Dmnit, the lptop is acting up......

Lter ave

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