Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Sleepless In Seattle?...................No,........Mindless in Monkton......................................."

Good Evening;
Well....a long day, after another long (mostly sleepless) night is coming to an last. I am just about to sack out on the floor here at Jenn's, the carpet and the couple foot lower altitude being better than the leather of the recliner, and the blocked air flow and corresponding slight raise in temperature when it comes to the damn hot flashes and cold clammy sweats I've been dealing with the past week.

Jenn is still in the hospital and due for an operation to clean out the infection and abscess in her chest, (exterior of the ribs, as opposed to my incident, which was interior of the ribs), and also similar to me she is in an 'infectious disease semi-isolation unit', until full identification of the infection is determined, with current thoughts tending to MRSA, as it has already presented in Tom, Ed, and Devin in the past in it's 'internal' form, and has been present on her external skin surfaces in it's more easily dealt with form.

(So far my doctor has not been overly concerned by my exposure to it, no sign of THAT strain of infection in my body)

Edward was a handful today. He was pushing ALL my buttons plus was in a disrespectful/sullen/insubordinate mode doing and saying things that both my daughters were broken of before they started to become habitual.

Just got back from FB where Jenn says she is really uncomfortable and can't get to sleep. Must be

Time to pass out now, 'cause it looks like I'm here riding herd on the kids for another couple days....Monday is Devin's 4th birthday, and if Jenn is not going to be home and in shape to decorate the cake, (which is supposed to be a 'doll cake', with a dome shape cake forming the dress and a Barbie type doll standing inside with the top half of her outfit fabric, and the skirt of the dress intricately applied frosting/icing over the 'dome'....
UMMM.....Maybe we'll have a mini-celebration with a simpler sheet or layer cake or cupcakes, and save the 'doll' for next weekend and a little party?


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