Saturday, March 17, 2012

"A Slow Motion St. Paddy's Day For This Hibernian Hebrew................"

Good Evening;'s closing time at the Starbucks and I'm about to head out into the night. Last night John gave me a lift back to the Giant and after dropping my bags in the shed and grabbing the lantern I went to the back of the library and alternated between charging the lantern and watching/charging the TV until 1:30 am. My thoughts were that being Saturday I could sleep in at the shed without worrying about workers, etc. 
Silly me....about 9:30 am I was getting up because after I had gotten up to pee at 6:00 am. I never really got back to sleep anyway. As I was dressing I heard trucks parking, metal tools banging, & Spanish voices and I knew the demolition folks were back. They were inside when I left for the Giant and coffee, food for the day, and washing up, so I had no contact with anyone.
After the Giant I stopped at the library for a couple hours and then came here and sat out back on the patio at the coffee shop until about 6:00 pm.

No green beer, in fact no beer at all because of no money at all. But no big deal, I usually avoid amateur nights

Gotta Run..................

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