Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Korporate Karma--Liability/Litigousness/Loss

Hello All;
And a Shalom to the reader from Elgad Pizza in Tel Aviv, Israel..way cool that you would be looking at my little slice of reality! I am going to the "DisneyLand On Ice" show with Rachel this evening so this will be a short post. I wanted to thank my friends at the Pikesville Starbucks for all they do and have done to help me feel part of the 'normal' flow of daily life, and for the assistance when I have been broke and out of food. I am grateful for the interaction and inclusion in the inside jokes, conversations, and even the 'gossip'. ( yeah, I'm guilty as charged sometimes...LOL). I am sorry that the corporate beancounters and their constant fear of lawsuits have prevented me from lending a hand with the dumpster duty anymore, it was a simple way of showing my appreciation by helping out with one of the dirtier tasks. Although it may be chauvinistic, if there are only girls/women on that shift, I feel compelled to offer my assistance when they have to walk outside and in a secluded area alone in the dark. Tort Reform Anyone???
I received another thoughtful and caring response, and possible offer of shelter via e-mail yesterday, and I have begun 2 e-conversations, all through the results of my Craigs List postings...again I am grateful for basic goodness of people.....Hello--Cory, Anne, and Mary..also, Colleen McCahill of St.Vincent De Paul Catholic Church in Baltimore..thank you all. These are the examples of generosity and compassion that I started this blog to showcase..(thanks for giving me verification..)
outta time ..Dave

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