Saturday, July 18, 2009

"...'And For The Rich People.....You Sing....'.............OR..."It's A Bird...It's A Plane....It's....................A BIRD!!!!!"

Good Morning;
Well it's a lovely Saturday morning and things are only moderately crappy, for me that is a GOOD day!
If you remember, I signed off on Wednesday with plans to take Rachel out for the day....THAT got shot to hell, and since SH*T rolls downhill the resulting avalanche of negative (though minor) consequences piled up and really screwed me up monetarily..(not that my financial situation requires more than the energy contained in one good fart to cause it to swirl and flush, subsequently taking all plans and schedules down the drain)..and emotionally, which sent all the good feelings and anticipation that I had had backing up inside of me right down the commode, like just another Deposit in The Bank Of Back River! ( Sorry about the scatological references.......I guess it's a case of diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the
As I was saying, I called to see when the 'EX' was dropping Rachel off and she tells me 'it's a "screwy" day' and she would not drop her off, and I had to let her know right then when I would be taking her....Saturday or Sunday, and she would let me know if it fit their TEXT msg. , no less!!, after I had called and she did not answer the phone and was forced to text her to get a response.
I'll leave that right there for now, because my blood pressure is high for some reason this morning, and I really don't want to have my brain explode.......yet...(LOL).
Well, I had a bus pass for Rachel, and a set tickets to an 'event' in town..(I'm currently working on trying to refund or exchange the tix, so I can't elaborate on what), and some free passes, (Thursday only) for the Water Taxi, and enough cash for lunch and a treat, and meds for Thursday. I also had an arrangement to do some work on Sunday morning, and get paid that afternoon.
Now, everything is in disarray, and because of priorities vs. supply and demand, my meds are adequate for the next week, but I had to spend what cash I had on them; I have MY bus pass, I have food and ($50.00 on my card I need to trade for cash, but the folks who usually help me out are either away, cash poor themselves, or we keep mis-connecting),I have clean laundry at AnnaMarie's that I have to travel out there to collect, and Rachel is coming to meet me at the Starbucks on Sunday morning, and I have no cash for her.
We always have a good time no matter what we do or where, and I can use my card at the Giant to get her Lunchables and ice cream....but....I wanted to go out somewhere with her.
I could/may? go out to the corner and see if I can raise some cash today, but it is Artscape weekend and the cops will probably be all over the place, (and making sure that there are no visible signs of the homeless population, which has a fairly large contingent in the area of the festival normally), and with my legal complications and the recent stress induced medical incidents, I don't know whether it's such a good idea...on many levels.
I saw Ted at the Starbucks yesterday, and he handed me a $10.00 and said to go try my luck at the Keno, after agonizing over it for a couple hours, thinking about if I should try to gain some more money or take what I had, (combined with what Tony gave me), and guarantee a weeks supply of bupe. I finally bought $3.00 worth of Keno, won $4.00, bought another $1.00, won $2.00....and kept playing that $1.00 up and down for an hour. I gave it up and took the big One Dollar!!! winnings, then went and got my meds. Believe it or not, I CAN be conservative with money at times, and THE!! main priority IS..."NOT SHOOTING DOPE!!!!".
So..............I'm sitting here with no coffee in me, (which is probably why I am some what rambling and incoherent...[more than usual] I have enough cash for my starter cup of coffee, and I am going to the Giant to see what is on the 'day old' reduced rack at the bakery, and buy whatever has $2.00 off and get 2 Keno tickets, and then going to the Starbucks to eat and shave. I'll take the cash situation from there, either trying to trade some credit or just going out to beg.
At some point I have to contact AnnaMarie and head out to Lutherville to pick up the clean clothes that had not finished drying the other day, possibly getting a shower too. I need to acquire $30.00 for tomorrow, and if I can get more, I think I am going to have a cold beer this afternoon or this evening, it just feels like a 'Beer Day' outside. (If we go to Artscape tomorrow, a possibility, but I'm not real comfortable with the thought of all those people at the moment...[residual paranoia and agoraphobia from the other night's panic attack?? stomach and back muscles are still sore and knotted]...I could always buy a beer there, but that would use up the whole $!......{if I get any money}).
Babbling again...........please insert IV of coffee now.
The library closes at 5:30 pm. today.. I may be back, if not see you Monday, or if you are in the area, come see Rachel and I at the coffee shop at St. Thomas around 10:30 am. or so on Sunday, at this point I am unsure how long we will be there, but we should be there at least an hour, call if you've got my phone number...."YOU KNOW who YOU are!!!!"..........(LOL)
Time to answer E-Mails, Facebook, and check out another couple blogs.......'misery loves company'!!!

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