Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Just A Little Taste....................."

Good Evening;
I just stopped in for a minute with Rachel, We've been out and about most of the day. We puttered around Fell's Point all afternoon, and then went to the Starbucks for coffee and Baskin Robins for ice cream. I had went over her mother's to shower and shave this morning, brfore we went out and I'll do some laundry at the 24 hour laundomat and freak show tonight. Not a hell of a lot has changed since Tuesdays' post, other than the fact that the injuries i sustained in the fall last week are a bit worse than I thought, I pulled something in my chest that is quite painful though not 'serious'. It is causing me some problems trying to sleep and also with carrying my bags.
There was money in my TDAP account this morning...?????.... so I got my monthly bus pass, and paid for meds and a previous extension of credit has been paid off, and I put $20.00 worth of minutes on my phone, an bought a much needed pair of shorts on sale at Target...(which feel like crap now, I think I have to return them tomorrow...I HATE clothes shopping!!!!, and took Rachel out while I could, before the money 'disappeared' as it has before.
I'm going back to Rachel and the kids computer, I hope to be able to write more tomorrow, but it has been a physical as well as mental and emotional battle recently just to sit down at the computer.

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