Thursday, July 30, 2009

"OOOPS!!.....OR.....If One Does Not Click On The 'Publish' Button.........!"

Good Evening;

Just have a second before close, and I wanted to say Hello and Thank you to an old high school acquaintance who I ran into at the Starbucks last evening...Hi Mark(c?)!!, I'll see you in another 15
As I am walking past he said to me "I know you!", and we went through the what have you been doing...etc.. routine. The funny thing is that this was a repeat of thr last time we saw each other, about 15 so years ago. It turns out that he met up with a mutual high school friend, Wendy, at the 25th reunion, and ended up marrying her...Mazel Tov!! Now, to show how this town gets it's name of "Smalltimore", and to illustrate the "six degrees" phenomena, I did not really know Wendy in high school, but she was seeing a mutual friend in college, and was one of the infamous Catonsville Community College "Out To Lunch Bunch" for a while, of whom my best friend AnnaMarie and I were charter members. And not a week ago she and I were playing the 'whatever happened to' game, and Wendy's name came up. The woman in California Heidi, who found me on Facebook a couple months ago was also a collateral member of the group, and she and her husband also went to high school with us.
Tinytown, Md., USA !!
........outta time....................Dave

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