Monday, July 13, 2009

"Life On $1.47 A Day + Food Stamps + Creative Dumpster Reclamation + A Slow Metabolism + Insufficient Exercise =..... 1 Bloated Blogger....."

Good Evening;
Sunday afternoon I was out of meds and I was forced by neccessity to bite the bullet and go out to the corner and get some cash. Although my credit is still excellent with Monkee, she is out of bupe. (Funny Story...All the times when I was getting high and ducking negative urine tests by buying or 'borrowing'...[though come to think of one ever asked for repayment...LOL] clean pee, on Friday I was actually asked to 'contribute'!!, because the person knew that I was clean, and had bupe in my system, and they needed that to stay in a program...THAT was a first for So I was out for an hour and made the $20.00 I needed to get 2 bupes and pay the 'runner', then I left. I really felt stressed looking over my shoulder, but leaving after hitting the exact amount, and not trying for more eased the anxiety I have been feeling about being out there.
I have been going to the Giant every morning and buying marked down bake goods at the self service register on my card, and going to redeem the $1.50 off coupon at the customer service counter for cash. This gives me the $1.47 for the first cup of coffee, then the Registered Starbucks card picks up the rest. And between the Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks dumpster diving, I have been eating too much.
Other than DESPARATELY!!! needing a shower, and to convert some credit to cash, nothing else exciting has happened (that I can remember).
Gotta go.........................Dave

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