Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"When The Coffee Sticks To The Spoon........It May Be Time To Brew A Fresh Pot........"

Good Morning;
I just woke up, (actually I just got up, I was laying there for about an hour, and wandered in to the Giant to wash up and scrounge a cup of free coffee. They must not have been busy this morning, I think the urn was brewed around 6:00 am., the coffee had the consistency of 90 weight gear oil, (and the taste of ot Well, after I signed off here I went to the corner of I-83 where I usually stand and it was infested with young teenagers collecting to send some team some where, I did not get close enough to be able to read all of their signs. I jumped back on the Light Rail and went down to my secondary location between Camden Yards and the Convention Center and collected $10.00 in coins before the increasing police presence (there was a game last evening) and my nerves forced me to leave. I went over to East Baltimore hoping that my friend Barry (who lives right behind Monkee) would have a bupe to sell, and if not I was planning to find Longwind and pay him to get me one. Luckily Barry saw me coming around the corner and had one, so I was able to leave that 'hood' rihjt away, instead of sitting around waiting, and looking like a target, the only slice of Wonderbread in a bakery full of pumpernickel.

I went out to Owings Mills on the Metro and took the bus to the Starbucks and sat with a cup of ice water and read my book, thinking of how to gwt something to eat. When my friend Olga saw me open and eat a packet of sugar in the raw (just to keep my sugar level up), she bought me a sandwich, and when the coffeeshop closed, Courtney gave me one of the markouts. So that was breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same sitting. As I was sitting there the phone rings and I checked the caller ID, it was Monkee, so I used my last minute to naswer, because she does not call unless it is something imprtant. It turns out that her prescription bottle of buprenorphine "miraculously" reappeared on the night stand, where 3 people had lokked and did not see it...................hmmmmmmm?, so I will be able to get a few, "on the arm" if neccessary, tonight or tomorrow. I left there around 10:25 pm and went to the Popeyes to see if there was any chicken being thrown away, but they had trashed most of it and I ended up with 2 little pieces. I headed back up to Pikesville to go to the gas station to use the bathroom and wash up a little, (and hopefully find one of the regulars who had had a big hit on the Keno or Racetrax lottery and was in a generous such luck.........), then hit the Dunkin Donuts dumpster for some thing for breakfast today. I took some of my meds around 11:00, even though I had been feeling lousy all day, and my back was killing me. I wanted to be sure that the methadone was out of my system, or at least at the lowest level possible. The bupe contains another drug called Naloxone, which can cause 'precipitated withdrawal symptons' if there are opiates in the body, or if it is attempted to inject the bupe. I had waited long enough, it was not a problem. The almost immediate relief that this true, (for me and many othe addicts), wonder drug provides is truly a miracle. It really does make me.."Feel Normal". I ended up sitting on the bench outside the FirstWatch Cafe talking to this guy until 3:00 am. (initially because it was too hot in the shed and I left the door open to air it out, but we had a good conversation that took on a life of it's own.

So that's where I am at this point....gotta go try to scrape enough for a cup of real coffee, and maybe some protein too....back later.......Dave

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