Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Escape From Artscape...........Just In The Nick Of Time!........"

Good Morning;
The stress, the heat, the worry, the sheer physical exhaustion caught up with me yesterday (Monday). I crawled into the shed around 12.00 am. midnight Sunday/Monday and did not get up until almost 11.00 am. Monday, waking only once to get up and pee around 4.00 am. It took me about 30 minutes to get up and by the time I went into the Giant to wash up and buy some food, it was after 12.30 pm. before I caught the bus to the coffee shop and put some caffeine in my system. I was beat!
Rachel and I had went to Artscape Sunday afternoon and spent about 4 and 1/2 hours there, mostly in the Target Family ArtPark, where all the booths and sponsors had some sort of craft or hands on activity going on. The Baltimore Youth Orchestra booth had a trumpet, trombone, tuba, violin, and cello that people/kids could try, Rachel did all of them except the tuba, and actually got a sound out of both of the brass, she was so funny working the valves on the trumpet. She made spin art, (I can't remember how much money I spent in Ocean City as a kid on spin art on the Boardwalk....lol.), she made animals for the totem pole out of strawberry boxes and feathers and bottle caps...etc., and all sorts of other things. We walked a bit up Mt Royal Ave. but the crowds were building for the evening concerts, and the Sun had come out and it was getting really hot, so we got back on the train and went out to the BaskinRobins by "our" Starbucks as she calls it, and she finally fell asleep in my arms waiting for her mother to come pick her up. We had started there at 10.30 am. that morning and played for a while and had Lunchables and chocolate milk for lunch before we went in town, she beat me at checkers, twice!
I was trying all Saturday to trade my food credits for cash, with no luck, and was starting to stress out big time about whether I'd have enough money to take her out. On Saturday night as I stopped by the gas station I used the payphone to call a 1-800- number, and when I hung up I heard a jingle jingle from the coin box, and there was $0.95 spilling out! I took a nickel and made a Keno bet, won $2.00, played it back and left with $20.00!!! Then Nathan and Kaitlin came in to Starbucks in the morning and I asked him if he needed any grocery shopping done, and they said they had just went, but as he was leaving he slipped me $11.00 and said it was Rachel and I to enjoy. I was able to have great day with Rachel, with no money worries or med worries...Thanks!!
Then on Sunday night before I started my Rip Van Winkle marathon sleep..( hey in a bed it is not such a big deal....on 3 inches of cardboard on the ground ...it is......lol)...I stopped in at the gas station, played my $1.00 on my regular numbers..Rachel's birthday 05/13/04.. and on a hunch played a 7 spot with my birthday and age too 02/26/56/53/05/13/04...and for some reason the super bonus too, well I got 5 out of 7, and 4-5-13 were 3 of the 7 so both tickets hit, with a 3x bonus, so that was $70.00!!
Of which I went and paid $45.00 out for legitimate expenses...earlier than I had promised, and then actually had food that was NOT between two pieces of bread for a change!!!.....lol!
Now I have to go get some coffee in me because I again slept fairly late, (it was after 9:00 am, and hit the Giant and the Library first. After I eat and drink some coffee, I have to call AnnaMarie and go out and pick up my laundry that I left there, I don't think I can shower there so that is my main priority, finding a place REAL, REAL!!! SOON!!!!!...it is pretty humid out and I'm feeling ripe...LOL.
I'll be back later.....Dave.
And don't worry....I've got some bitching to do too.......LOL!

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