Saturday, July 11, 2009

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Good afternoon;
Not a whole hell of a lot has changed since the last post.....
Except that my health insurance is screwed up again, as usual. I went to refill the blood pressure script and first the Giant said it was refused, and when i pressed the issue and had them resubmit it there was a co-pay, because Jai picked it up, (possibly because the cutoff from the State had not got to them yet), luckily it was only a $1.00, which I scrounged. I have half a 'bupe' left, that will cover tonight and tomorrow morning, so unless I can trade some food credit tonight..
(Call me!!! if you can help!!!) is out to the street tomorrow with the sign, it has been about a month since I went out there and begged, the last few times I planned to, I never made it, and a few dollars fell into my hands somehow.
I also need to find a shower somewhere tonight or tomorrow..
( me!!)
..if I do, I am going to try to take Rachel out somewhere for a while.

Did you see that the MTA has a new policy:
ANY employee using a cell phone in any manner while operating a transit vehicle, or in a position that concerns the publics safety... will be fired..IMMEDIATELY!!
What about reading the newspaper while operating the Metro, or having a kaffeeklatch with Fare Inspectors or Metro cops in the driver's cab of the Light Rail...(actual observed incidents...and not just once!!!)...???????
It took HOW many deaths and accidents and coverups to get this into effect??
AGAIN, I am ahead of the curve with my psychotic powers....
[See previous posts to confirm!]
Read in the Other Voices/Opinions page of the Baltimore Sunpaper the other day, that even with all the money from the Federal Govt. being given to the city for homeless needs, there will still only be less than 300 beds in the new shelter to open sometime in the near (?) future to serve a population estimated at around 3,000.
I also read that there can be up to a year wait to get a slot in the Buprenorphine treatment programs, (anyone still wondering why I get mine how and where I can?).
Just my opinion, and I admit I am not qualified to any more than that, BUT...
Towson Catholic High School, a small but well respected parochial school with a distinguished list of graduates, and a reputation for an excellent educational program is closing. The Catholic Church, vis a vis the Vatican, is one of the wealthiest organizations in the world, and the alumni and current members of the parish have volunteered to help, and have been ignored....politics over children's futures???
(I've complained enough about my fellow Jews, I just want be an equal opportunity
OH YEAH!!!....Monkee's husband is home from the VA Hospital, which tried to enforce a DNR..(Do Not Resuscitate) order on him when he was in a coma, WITHOUT the families consent..then LIED about it!!
I mean he is home and awake, aware and as normal as he ever was, Dying of cancer yes...BUT DYING!!!!!.....NOT DEAD!!.
First the Agent Orange, then the Cancer, then the DNR.......anyone see a pattern?
Did you know you CANNOT sue the VA????
This would be a conspiracy theory....If it was not happening all over again to the troops coming home from the Middle East also.
Gotta go...see you Monday...I hope.......Dave.

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miss alaineus said...

i teach for the archdiocese of detroit and in my short tenure have already weathered one school closure (when they closed 21 schools across the city) and am bracing for when the other shoe will fall when they decide to lower the ax and fell the rest of us (8 now) one by one as it becomes more important to fund legal concerns then to invest in the education of inner city youth. it makes no sense to me either.

keep writing.

miss alaineus