Monday, July 6, 2009

"Will The Circle Be Unbroken?...................."

Good Morning;
(Actually I'm not sure is still 'pre-caffeine', I've hit the library first today, and without coffee in my system, it is possible this is all a dream, and of course in that case you yourself don't really exist, being only a figment of my imagination and REM you all better be real nice to me and keep those cards and letters coming...{the ones with the Starbucks Gift Cards in them}...LOL.........).

In a joint effort between conscious action and procrastination, in order to try to break out of this rut that I am in, and which I am wearing deeper by the day, I came here to the library first. Not that I have anything special to say, but just change for the sake of change. And speaking of change, that is what I'm down to at the moment. Without spending any money on anything but necessary items, and the only social entertainment expenses being Rachel and my excursion on Thursday..(which IS classed as a priority!), I ended up 'nickel and diming' my TDAP monies in 2 days. I'm still trying to figure out how all the monthly expenditures were in conjunction, usually I can fairly easily extend this momey for 3 weeks (approximately). I've even curtailed my Keno wagers, (the payouts of which have gone into an Oriole's like win/loss pattern of late

If a reader and follower of the blog (and her dog) had not been sitting outside at the coffee shop yesterday morning (and I must confess I did not even notice her as I walked past to go inside, because I was looking at the dog, and when she said 'Dave?' with an inquiring tone, I was startled and slightly redfaced...ooops . Sorry!!), and hand me a roll of quarters, I would not have coffee or food money for yesterday and today............Thanks..."Name Withheld By Request"!!!
You know what this means...unless I hit for $25.00 on the Keno with the 4 quarters I have allowed myself, or someone surprises me with a half used gift card etc., is back out on the corner to try to panhandle a stake again, sh***t...
So I spent the 4th of July, and the 5th also, just sitting around the coffee shop for financial reasons, and because the only cookout invitation I received was not only all the way in East Bumf*ck Egypt, as it were, but was also populated almost completely by relatives, (not mine....that would have been an instant No way!!!..........LOL), average ages either under 8, or over 80, so I politely declined. The fact that they were old line Methodist's and that the beer allowance was one 10 ounce cup per person had absolutely nothing to do with my decision, nor did the scheduled 'impropmtu' revival meeting in lieu of fireworks...(wink).
Saturday was sooooooooooo slow there was no way the store even broke even on expenses, there not being a lot of call for coffee on Independence Day, Sunday was a bit better, and would have been a huge success if Starbucks carried such things as 'Irish Coffee', or other 'hair of the dog' additives, a lot of folks seemed a bit, shall we say 'fuzzy around the edges' Nathan came in late Sunday afternoon, not having had Starbucks coffee for 4 days or so, he said he never drinks coffee that late in the day,......but....just needed some of that 'Seattle Sunshine' We had one of those free associative conversations, covering everything from Michael Jackson to next generation body armor, by way of casino gambling and caffeine addiction. I was desparately in need of such intellectual stimulation, I have realized that although the 'aesthetic and optical benefits' of Owings Mills are wonderful...(call me politically incorrect or a chauvinist, or whatever, I really don't care, beauty is beauty, and women are women, and I love both, and when combined it brings me simple joy just by looking, no further contact required), I do not have the same 'salon' like atmosphere that sometimes occurred when certain folks were 'in residence', there are almost no teachers, grad students, or writers out there. Plenty of nice people, but the conversations are more 'topical', rather than 'deep'.
And as if to emphasize this fact, as we are talking, one of the loveliest ladies I know walks in, and we talk about, this and that......

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