Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"STRESS = When Your Body Wants To Choke The Sh*t Out Of Something.....And Your Mind WONT"T LET YOU!!!!!!!....."

Yeah..........Back Again!!
I just called the 'EX' and told her I was going to be taking Rachel out tomorrow, (and it has been almost 2 weeks since we were together, and although she promises to have her call me at bedtime when she is being tucked in everynight, it only happens about 1 night in 5, and there is always some lame excuse, or she 'forgets', yeah right.........lazy is lazy), and she says.."I don't know that that will will work", because Larry's (the live in boyfriend.....[can you say 'adultery' ..boys and girls]..) parents are coming in town nd they have to pick them up at the airport. Well..screw that, I am seeing my daughter tomorrow, and they can work around my schedule, she has the car, and could have met me as I asked any time at the Starbucks with Rachel, but I allowed her the courtesy of me not pressing the matter, because her stepfather's mother had passed away, and things were hectic, even though where she was going back and forth to was only 3 minutes away from where I was. NOT THIS TIME!! A Childs's Father..vs.. the boyfriend's parents??? No Contest! I've not been pressing the issue, but my daughter is always asking me to come over and see this and that at the house, and again, so as not to cause tension with the EX, I stay away, except when I have to. But this is the last straw, maybe I should show up every night at Rachel's bedtime to say goodnight, if she can't (her mother) get her ass together and make a 2 minute phone call!!
All this and health and mental health issues too........ain't life just effin' peachy?
I'm gonna go look for book, if I think of any more fun items.....
"Ah'll Be Bahck!!" Arnold would say.........

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