Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Back From The Boondocks Again............................"

Good Evening;
Well I back to Pikesville and the shed last night from Monkton, by car to the Hunt Valley light rail, down to North Ave. by train, and by bus over to Monkee's to pick up meds for the rest of the month. After talking for 45 minutes or so it was back to the bus, to Hopkins to the subway and by train out to Old. Ct. Station to the bus to the shed. And to the credit of the MTA, only one major f*ckup among the myriad forms of transport, a bus that left the station 18 minutes early...'THE' big no-no of the MTA. Luckily it was reasonably warm for my 47 minute wait for the next bus.

After stopping in the Giant for a refill of my food bag's staples, and a bathroom break, and wandering around to see the week's changes and specials I hit the shed about 10:00 pm. The demolition dumpsters were gone, (and the lot was littered with debris, don't take that shortcut for a while loyal reader, or it's a 50-50 chance of a punctured tire), and still no power. It was really nice to crawl into the sleeping bag pull the quilt up, (and it was barely cold enough to use it), and finally get some sleep, broken into 3 periods because of the intense back pain as I shifted position, but they were 3 solid periods of REM sleep. I sleep better in the shed than at Jenn's, but the shower and laundry facilities will keep me going back out there...unless the tension finally causes blowups between Tom, his mother, and Jenn in multiple vectors, all to the same end, with everyone hating all the others....I stay out of it, but that doesn't stop the open ended leading comments/questions....

Anyway, today was a lazy Sunday at the coffee shop, neither avoiding nor encouraging contact and conversation. I've spent most of the day in a book, (Micro, by Michael Crichton and Richard Preston,..[who completed and polished the manuscript that was found mostly done, after Crichton's death.

Ian who works for Whole Foods, formerly this store and then 3 other stores in D.C. and Virginia, which he opened, stopped in to tell me that he got the position in the new store opening in Hawaii. Very Cool!.....I told him to save me a spot, I'd be out there

Time to pack up....

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