Sunday, February 5, 2012

"The Purrrrrfect Storm

Good Afternoon;
So.....Call me the "Cat Whisperer", A woman came into the Starbucks distraught that her cat, who NEVER jumps out of her car, chose today and here to do so. She had been looking for a good while without luck under all the neighboring parked cars and checking under her seats and under the hood and in the trunk. She was about to leave and go home and print up some 'missing cat' posters with picture and contact info. I stepped out side and looked around and tried to picture where I would go if I was a terrified lost cat, and based on experience with my Daughter's cats getting out, headed back toward the bushes and ornamental grasses growing in a bed up against the building.....and...There She Was! The poor kitty was just lying in the grass not moving except for her little heart beating at a disco pulse. I picked her and she offered no resistance and pressed against my chest and curled up. The woman was just pulling away after backing out of the parking space when I caught her eye and she jumped out of the car, barely getting it in park, with the engine running and the door wide open. When I gave her the kitty she was crying and thanking me, and told me " oh, you are definitely getting into heaven for this"! (Well, I can use all the character references I can get, to counter balance some of the less savory deeds committed way back!) She pulled off, releasing the traffic backlog she had caused and I walked back inside all warm and fuzzy feeling...on the


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