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Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Just Another 5 Hours Without Killing Myself And It's All Over Until Next Year..........."

Good Afternoon;

Another birthday nearly over. GOOD! 

From the moment I walked into the gas station at 2 minutes after Midnight to fill my water bottle and use the bathroom and saw the 3 different sets of numbers I pay on Keno appear on the screen...with a 10 times bonus!...and I could not play them because of a negative cash flow....(that's $750.00 just laughing at me)......I knew it was going to be a mediocre 24 hours....at best!

Having to run back to the bathroom 3 more times before 6:00 am......all false alarms, but they did not start out feeling like such.....and not getting any 
solid sleep time... just confirmed it.
I was up at 6:00 am. on a Sunday morning with nowhere to go and no electricity and no cash, (though I did pick up a handful of breakfast sandwiches and some stale croissants and some dumpster donuts), and I  could not get back to sleep, and it was still too cold to just walk around, left me with little choice....either going inside one of the neighborhood churches for early services...or crawling back into the bag with my own mind for company.....hell of a set of options...lol....but I chose the bag, with an alternate choice of flipping back the covers and hoping to freeze to death if the noises in my head forced me to consider church........no contest, hypothermia wins.

I did fall asleep at some point after 9:30 am and got up at 10:00 am and packed, dressed and out by 10:30 am and over to the Giant to wash up, etc.
Then I caught a couple buses over here to the coffee shop about Noon.
When I got a table and an outlet and got the laptop fired up about 12:30 pm. I had an e-mail waiting from Jenn from earlier this morning, in reply to my e-mail to her asking what her plans were today. She said Tom and Ed had gone to church and could meet me at the Hunt Valley Light Rail at 12:30 pm. to bring me out to Monkton to do wash, shower, etc. As I'm reading it Tom walk in and sees me reading it and asks if I want to come up with them.
Well, my dirty and change of clean clothes were still in the shed, and I had just gotten settled here and had a sandwich made and waiting to eat, and Michelle had mentioned something about coming by for a drink......and I really did not want to deal with his mother today, so I suggested coming up with Jenn tomorrow after her meeting is over and Starbucks closes, and heading back Tuesday, (and she mentioned even possibly Wednesday...so I'm guessing I may be asked to watch the kids Tuesday night or Wednesday morning).

I sat here for a while and then wrote Michelle an e-mail suggesting that this may not be the best time for us to hang out, as my mood was getting progressively darker, and even though the joy I feel when I see her is wonderful,.....there are times,...like now,...when the letdown after we part is pretty severe. My physical pain today at this point is frustrating enough without voluntarily setting myself up for an emotional kick in the balls....(even we romantic masochists......or is it masochistic romantics?.......draw the line somewhere.....lol!........rip out my still beating heart and step on it yes....but leave the family jewels alone!)

Anyway, thanks to the 3 people who wished me a happy birthday...you know who you are...   ;-)


23,000 hits!.............thanks

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