Monday, February 20, 2012

"Dreamtime Or Screamtime................"

Good Evening;
So....after stopping at the shed "for a minute", about 9:00 pm. last night to drop off my bags and set up the portable digital battery TV for later, I turned it on to check the antenna placement and reception.....I ended up standing there and watching 2 episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" and flipping channels until the battery
I went over to the Giant then the gas station and caught the news and weather, (yay! no snow!), and then "Criminal Minds" on the TV there while charging the portable and talking with Daniel and some of the regulars who play the Racetrax and Keno, (I played the dollars worth of change I had found in the $2.00 lose $1.00, up and down and over and over again on the same dollar for about 90 minutes/20 games, and breaking even with no $25.00 winner on my numbers all night), and listening to some of the people talk about how "the State of Md. sees what numbers we're playing and manipulates the game"....not realizing that there are 3,800 lottery agents with 4,150 terminals across the state, and even if half are off line...... well 'you do the math'!

After heading back to the shed I ate a late dinner/early breakfast and watched "Without A Trace", then lay down to sleep. 
Which has been difficult to come by, I keep waking from a flashback nightmare of the events surrounding both the 'near death' hospital visits and stays, from 2005 and the pneumonia and both sets of emergency surgery, and the car accident in 1990 and going 'out' on the chopper and on the ER table. PTSD which I thought was over and done with.........seems I owe my primary physician an apology and a box of chocolates. Yeah, I oughta call Sinai's Outpatient Psych Dept. tomorrow before the referral expires.....and I owe her for another lost wager.

Pretty sure I know what one of the triggers was, (besides all the 'normal' stressors like losing the barely sufficient shelter I have, and the worsening back pain....etc.), a ride in the country with the driver texting and drifting over the center line on narrow, twisty, blind curve roads, that are in 'cuts' below terrain level with the trees and eroded roots seemingly reaching out to grab the passenger side of the vehicle, and looking up just in time to jerk the wheel and drift to the other side again......
.......and 'lather, rinse, repeat'........

I'm going to have to make the call/calls from Jenn's tomorrow, she asked me if I could come up to watch Devin, and get Ed from the school bus, while she accompanies Tom to his doctors appt., the one that has been postponed the last 2 times I went over to monstersit. Since she is going to be here in Mt. Washington for her Monday night meeting, I suggested just going up there tonight to save a whole bunch of extra travel time and mileage and gas usage tomorrow. And saving me some combination of public transit consisting of at least 3 different routes...(of anywhere from 1 type; bus/bus/bus, to 3 types bus;/metro subway/light rail, or any possible combination!). And it reduces the number of trips I'd have to deal with having the possibility of experiencing the things mentioned in the previous paragraph. 

Anyway, I'm going to be up there until Wednesday afternoon when Tom takes Devin to her speech therapy appointment back near where they used to live. I had no idea I'd be going to Monkton at all this morning, and I almost skipped going to the RiteAid to pick up my prescriptions, (and which I have finally gotten all 4 in sync again), but something said, "no, do it anyway, don't wait until you HAVE to on Tuesday", so I got off the bus, headed back up the road, picked them up and caught the next bus down the road. Good thing because I'd have been without my BP meds for 2 days and that's not a good thing right now, with the elevated readings I'm getting.

Don't know why I'm so chatty today, may be the coffee I bought for my 'morning fix'; Cafe Bustelo Instant Espresso Blend, and a bottle of almond extract for that Amaretto taste........zing! The excess of introspective that has my head a-whirl is probably coming from both the flashback episodes and the fact that next Sunday is my birthday....56 y.o. born in 1956.....just seems weird to be this close to 60 and still The general consensus placed their bets at

That's it for now,


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