Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Good Evening;
Well plans for today fell through, we talked about Noon, but Michelle hadn't showed up by 6:00 pm. and I knew she had dinner plans for a 'girls night out' so I texted to ask if she wanted a rain check, again just as she was texting me. Turns out she got called to come in for a job interview at very short notice and it was in Canton. Ah well, at least I lost her on Valentines Day to a job not another guy......lol.
Hope springs eternal!
(So...St. Jude & St. Rita patron saints of impossible causes and the lonely....think you could pull a couple strings for a Jewish guy, in the name of ecumenical harmony and cooperation?.......lol!)

Did get on the phone and got a doctor's appointment for March 23rd though, more on that soon.

There are 2 big-ass roll-off demolition dumpsters next to the office building by the shed that are filled to the brim, (as of this morning), these demo folks are going through the interior like a horde of locusts.

 I mention the dumpsters because I just may have stopped a rape from occurring last night on my way back from the gas station. There was a car parked out of sight from the road behind them and when I was walking past with my flashlight a young woman jumped out and ran over and asked to use my phone to call her father and brothers. At the same time a guy took off out the other side and crossed the street like a bat out of hell. About 20 minutes later when her 'family' showed up, (and the word is in 'quotes' for a reason!!!), I thought I was going to have my head blown off. The young woman quickly stepped in and all I heard WAS "NYET, NYET, NYET!!!!!!",..... and the guns disappeared as if they were never there. Turns out it was her car and she and a girlfriend met the girlfriends fiance` and his friend at a local club. When they split up the guy in question may have slipped something into her drink....and well........an interrupted date rape scenario.

I wanted to get as far away as possible so I headed to the Giant and circled back after they all pulled away. Just before I left the father handed me a card with a phone number on it...nothing else, just a phone number... and said if I ever find myself in a "situation" to call that number day or night.
The quotes in this writing are mine, but damn if they were not visible and audible when he thanked me in his heavily accented English.
I hope I never need to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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