Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Whattttttttttttttttt Twittttchhhhh......????????....?????"

Good Evening;
Well my CWS protests must have fallen upon the right cosmic ears! Temperatures near or surpassing 65 February, for multiple days! I am going to be a realist though, Baltimore always gets a nasty spell in March, even if the rest of February slips through easy.

I'm still waiting to hear when my own personal "OCCUPY" movement is coming to an end. It's been almost 3 years and 2 months at the shed now, and I'm hoping I'll find out a fair bit in advance when/what something will be happening with it. I does not look as if anyone else or anymore work has been done on the office building since the demolition dumpsters were removed.

In other news...."myoclonus"....or "full body muscle twitches".
Which may or may not be serious neurologically, but can really f*ck up your day if one occurs when doing things like, oh I don't know......
eating with a fork!.....drinking hot coffee!......shaving! Or sitting at the computer and reaching for a drink!
Even when there is no tragedy about to occur, the damn annoyance of having to constantly backspace while typing is a pain in the assssssssssssssssssss!
When trying to read up on the symptoms and the problems behind them the available information is just too much to sort through, and the range is just too broad. 
(No wonder hypochondria has exploded in recent years)
I just focused on any links or connections with known past or present confirmed issues. I'll let my PCP and Neurologist take over from there, but the research ensures I will be in the loop this time!

As may be assumed, none of this is having a positive reaction to the depressive slide my cycle is on at this point. Neither is the external stressor known as negative cash
Some how it is apt that as birthday number 56 approaches, (having started in the 56th year of the previous century), I have a total of $0.56 left, and my Food Stamps are down to $1.56, & the Starbucks card has a $10.56!

And as it is now 7:56 pm........


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