Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Leapi' Lizards!......It's Leap Day......................."

Good Evening;
So... on Monday night Jenn picked me up here after her HG meeting and we stopped at Pepe's Pizza on Falls Rd. and her friend Shannon bought me a steak sub and fries for my birthday, my one and only present this year. I put the link for their site here because it was a damn good sub and even BETTER fries!
After the ladies were done talking we headed to out to Monkton where I  
spent the night, and Tuesday and Tuesday night, leaving today about 1:30 pm.when Tom dropped me off at the Hunt Valley light rail terminus on his way to taking Devin to her speech therapy appointment.

Other than the ongoing tension between Jenn and her mother-in-law, with Tom siding with Jenn 90% of the time, and to which I am mostly in agreement with them, (but not totally), and which I am doing my damnedest to avoid being cornered and having to listen to passive aggressive open ended statements and ending up in the middle.....things were very slow up there. The grandmonsters were as good as they're ever going to be, so that was a relief. Sleep has still been very uneven and interrupted by both external circumstances, (cat in heat, other cats playing psycho-cat games at night, cats thinking they are freakin' roosters and waking me up in the pre-dawn hours wanting to be's a testimony to my powers of restraint that there are still 4 indoor!, getting Edward up for school, repeat, repeat,!..falling back asleep and Devin getting up and waking me up to play...Jenn and Tom fussing..etc.), and whatever is causing the chronic and increasingly intense lower back pain, no matter where or what I sleep on. An actual scheduled Doctors appt. on the 23rd of March will allow me to address these issues...and it cannot arrive too soon!

Yesterday I never made it out of the (windowless) basement during the daylight hours, so I missed the lovely weather, and today....wellll, "greys are the new blues", and the damp chill in the air fits right in with my moodiness today also.
I grabbed a couple chicken nuggets from Jenn's freezer, along with 4 slices of bread for lunch, (the other 2 for my peanut butter sammitch later) and a couple of cans of soda. On my walk through over at Whole Foods to heat the chix nuggets in the microwave I wandered past the bakery and snagged a few of the freebie sample cookies. The Foodstamps are dead until the 7th and hopefully I get some cash on the 2nd, (which is mostly already committed to past and future meds payments), so picking are slim for the next few days. I'll visit the Dunkin' Dumpster if it is not raining too hard later tonight.

Well the back hurts from leaning over to type, and I know there was something else I wanted to mention....but....the CRS is kickin' in again, so....


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