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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Good Evening;
Okay, you know it's coming so I'll just get it over with now;

Last night leaving Jenn's with the windchill in single digits and gusts of wind reaching 40 mph and shimmying the car into the other lane of traffic was no fun. Typical of my luck/timing that even though it snowed the day and night I slept over with Rachel babysitting the grandmonsters it was warmer than the night I go back in the shed. The damn combination lock got water in the mechanism and the shackle and froze up, so I had to beat on it to get it to spin and again to get it to open. Thinking it would help I went back into Jenn's car to get warm and put the lock on top of the defrosters....which melted the water in the 'innards' but did not evaporate enough of it, so I had an even harder time getting it open when I came back from the Giant.....sheeesh!

Today it is just closed but not locked with the dial semi-frozen in place.....and I have a hammer conveniently stashed close by if I cannot just Yank it open.

Well as I said, Rachel and I were over Jenn's. We met her and Devin at the Hunt Valley Light Rail and stopped at the H.V. Giant before heading to her place. Rachel and Devin had a bit of 'girly time' together before Edward got home from school. After that I had to regularly step in as referee as each one wanted to monopolize Rachel. But for the most part they played well together. My sleep pattern was skewed again thanks to Mama Cat being back in heat, did you know that if a cat does NOT get herself some action while in heat, 3 to 14 days later she again "comes into season" as some of the articles put it......ladies count yourself lucky, 28 days beats all hell out of 3.....lol! 
Last night cold as it was, once I got in the sleeping bag and under the quilt I was nice and warm....except when the bladder sid visit the bottle...OR ELSE!......LOL!

Today, (Sunday), I had a wild experience and another one of those little synchronistic events that have flowed through my inter-personal relationships with some of the people with whom I have made unusually strong emotional/spiritual connections.
Last Monday Michelle and I were discussing my old therapist to whom I had referred her, and with whom she also 'clicked' (to keep it simple), and we each left that part of the conversation with statements to the effect of "I wonder how to get hold of her, I could really stand to talk with her again, on a professional basis".
So I'm walking out of Whole Foods today back to the Starbucks and pass a woman who looks familiar, but my feet are working faster than my 'swiss cheese memory' due to the bitter cold, and I am almost inside the coffee shop when I turn and call out, "M*** S*****", and she turns and likewise it take a second as I see her look of polite confusion, then see her eyes light up in recognition. We stood outside for a minute, then retreated from the cold into the coffee shop and must have talked for more than hour. So now I have her new contact info, just at a point where I'm looking for Mental Health assistance.........coincidence....yeah right.

Gotta pack up and bundle up for the bus....

P.S. Forgot to mention that on Friday before catching the train to H.V. I ran into the other Michelle in my life, the professor from MICA, and we had a nice 45 minutes of talk too.

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