Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Nice Ice............"

Good Evening;
Well the Ice show was a blast, and the Ice storm was a bust!
We had a nice time last night with really good seats, (at the 1/2 price opening night discount!), first row of the Middle Concourse, on the railing at the walkway, end 2 seats, Center Ice. The show was nice but we've seen more spectacular ones from the same Disney organization. Also the ice seemed to be soft and was giving some of the skaters trouble.
 Rachel enjoyed it and of course we were together, so as always it was worth it.

The roofers are dismantling and removing the old 'chiller' A/C unit from the roof of the office building next to the shed, as evidenced by the big-ass piece of piping in the parking lot last night when I got back and the dumptruck full of scrap left overnight. Since my intestinal system is now seemingly calibrated to a 6:00 am. "up and out" wake up call, and I really don't fall solidly back asleep when I return from the Giant, I have been packed and out of the shed shortly before they have arrived in the morning, and have had no more contact.

Tomorrow Rachel and I are meeting Jenn and Devin at the Hunt Valley Light Rail and heading back to her place in Monkton. This gives Rachel and Devin some 'girl/princess' time together before Edward gets home from school. We are spending the night and 'monstersitting' Friday night and again Saturday morning for Jenn and Tom, and coming back in town some time lare Saturday afternoon.

I now have to pack up and head to Monkee's and work out money and meds for the rest of the month. Things are all screwed up because of refill dates getting skewed.

If the wifi is working in Monkton I'll see you tomorrow....


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