Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Will We Leave The Inside Ice Show To Find That Mother Nature Has Put On One Of Her Own?....................."

Good Afternoon;
(Although it looks like evening.)'s a nasty day out there, falling temperatures, low grey clouds, fog in spots, a mix of schizophrenic precipitation...snow flurries, sleet, varying capacities, order, and strength, and the forecast is for the worst of everything to mix it up at about freezing road temps. just about rush hour. In other words, a typical Baltimore winter

Monday I was supposed to meet Monkey to get some bupes for the month, but she was incommunicado for some reason, which meant using an alternate back up source that was again also only able to secure the film and not the tablets, and of course the cost was higher as was the fee to the source. Which has screwed up the already screwed up budget.

Another example of lousy timing is the fact that LAST night I was at Jenn's to babysit, and tonight I'm taking Rachel to the Disney on Ice show at the Arena. We're going on the Light Rail at least so that is a plus, with the stop right at the auditorium. Hopefully the overhead wires won't ice up while we're at the show and the MTA has to organize what they call a bus bridge..aka a 'shuttle service'....(remember the State Fair fiasco this summer?).

So Monday and Tuesday there were roofers working on the office building adjoining the shed. Monday I was out before they arrived  but Tuesday I was just leaving when they pulled up and were unloading their ladders. One of the guys asked me as I was locking the chain on the shed door if I had access to the office.....I looked at him and said "I wish!", and we both laughed.

 Tuesday was also the day the stomach/bowel issues returned with a sudden case of...."oh sh*t!....gotta get to the Giant, they better have the doors unlocked on time" at 5:58 am!.....and then another sudden urge again at 7:35 am.....[stock whoever is making Immodium!] And then the nice fresh HOT cup of coffee I made a little later separated itself from the lid and confirmed that the local gravity was still working...and certain laws of physics relating to moving and immovable objects, and fluid dynamics!

I went to Hunt Valley to meet Jenn and rode back to the house, ate, watched the kids, and finally got to shower and put laundry in. I did not get to sleep up at Jenn's until almost 5:00 am. through a combination of a real slower washing machine, real low water pressure, and falling into a half spaced out-half comatose state while sitting on the couch waiting to put the clothes in the I'm exhausted and nodding out now over the keyboard.

It's time to pack up and meet Rachel at the Light Rail....after a couple quad espressos!


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