Friday, February 24, 2012

"A Mighty Wind....&...Spastic Lizards.........."

Good Afternoon;
Well....I'm sitting here at the library with a head feeling like it's stuffed full of bumblebees.....angry bumblebees! Not a fun feeling! Add in the moderate paranoia and it feels like the aftermath of a weekend coke binge.......without having experienced any of the (dubious) benefits.

Last night I was just falling asleep about 2:15 am. when the leading edge of the cold front swept through, arriving with a sudden burst of short duration but incredibly strong winds. I'm glad I wasn't outside because all the small jagged debris, and some of the larger pieces, littering the parking lot were picked up and flung against the walls of the shed. When I went out side today there were objects embedded in the wood and even more so in the places where the cardboard 'patches' show through.
There was also a short intense rainfall that seeped through quickly in places where the roof had dried out all the way, enlarging the cracks in those places. The cardboard 'diverters' worked well enough, but need to be replaced and rearranged before another real rainfall.

I slept until 8:50 am. this morning, woke up and took my meds and went back to sleep for another much needed 2 hours, then lay there for another hour dozing in and out. I got up and dressed and headed to the Giant just before Noon because my back was on fire. I would have and felt like, and still feel like, just staying in the shed all day and not having to get up and get on a bus and carrying all my crap around....but not having any electricity, and the lantern & TV batteries needing a charge, and the flashlight batteries low, there was not much choice today.

I'm about to head to the coffee shop and have breakfast, which is the couple slices of lunch meat left over from yesterday...aka.."sweaty meat". I also have a jar of instant coffee, and one of peanut butter and a squeeze bottle of jelly that I spent the last few bucks on to get me through the next 8 days, along with the couple bucks left on the Starbucks card and the 'Dunkin Dumster', if necessary.
There are no plans to go over Jenn's until the 6th &7th of March, so no help there. I'm not that worried about food though, there is always something around, though it may not be the most enjoyable meal.

I'm out of here for now, whether it's paranoia or agoraphobia, or G.A.D., it feels like everyone is staring at me and talking about me whenever I look up. Even though the conscious mind knows it's all crap, the damn deep subconscious 'lizard brain' or Amygdala and the freakin' Myoclonus spasms are in!


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