Friday, February 3, 2012

"This Is The Week That Was.................."

Good Afternoon;
Well....haven't posted since Wednesday, haven't written since Monday, so this is just a 'check in and let you know I'm still alive' post.

Tuesday afternoon I met Jenn at the Hunt Valley Light Rail terminus and she picked me up and we went back to her place in Monkton. I watched the grandmonsters that night while they were out and in the morning Devin, while Ed was in school and Jenn went with Tom to his doctor's appt. Around 1:30 pm. Tom dropped me of at the Light Rail on his way to Devin's weekly speech therapy appt. Wednesday the 1st was also Edward's 7th birthday, so he was in a really good mood in the morning....for a He usually does not respond well to the whole 'get up, get dressed, get breakfast, get out of the house before the bus gets here'

I took the train down here to Mt. Washington and spent the rest of the day and evening at the coffee shop. It has been and still is a generally "Greta Garbo" week....(as in her famously misquoted statement..."I vant to be left alone"....),! Not exactly isolation, (though if I still had electricity in the shed......), or avoidance, more of a 'hi, how ya doin', great to see ya, now...."buh-bye"....', kind of thing.

EXCEPTION:...As I was in the middle of typing an E-mail to Michelle my phone rings and it is her inviting me to come out for a drink or three with her that evening. Well it was the 1st and my financial situation was only slightly better than that of I had bus fare for the next day, so I sadly declined. I told her I would be here at the Starbucks until close, if she was going to out and about, and her company was not only welcomed but desired. There was no response to that, but 45 minutes later she walked in the door, hugged me and we sat with our heads together and talked for hours.  :-)

Yesterday, Thursday, I received the little bit of monthly cash I get and attempted to get a resupply on the buprenorphine, only to find that my source will not be getting hers renewed until the 6th or the 8th......lovely.
I was put in contact with a friend of hers and  met her to get some to cover the gap, but not only was it less than required, it was in the form of the sublingual 'meltaway strip', which only comes in the 8 mg. dosage and is a real pain to cut into quarters for the 2 mg. dosage I use. I was also not real pleased to have to go where I had to to meet her at her apt. to get it.
Oh well, better than the alternative.....either of them!!!!!!!

Today I woke up at 5:00 am and had to run to the gas station to use the bathroom, and again at 9:00 am. to the Giant, but after a couple doses of generic Immodium things seem to have settled down. On Wednesday when I got back here from Jenn's things got nasty too, and it was over to the Giant and then the gas station and back to the Giant at 6:00am. That was when I bought and first used the Immodium, which stopped the problem, after 2 doses as directed. By Noon everything 'felt' back to normal and I was able to put some needed fluids and electrolytes in my body, and some solid food, which did not spur any negative reaction, a bit later on.....I thought I was done with it for a while......NOT!
It's back to the doctor next week to get checked for an ulcer(s) some where in the gastro-intestinal tract, and possibly one particular parasite that though rare will cause the same symptoms. The extremely 'sour stomach' in particular is way worse than anything I've experienced before, and the intensity, though hard to quantify, is beyond what anyone I've talked to about it has heard of,
except for one intern specializing in "oncologic enterology", who says chemo-therapy causes similar symptoms....but unless somebody is spiking my coffee with ProMACE/cytaBOM or MTX/6-MP/VP I don't think that is the problem in this

Anyway I really don't feel like

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