Friday, July 20, 2012

"Storm Warnings............................."

Good Evening;
So...I'm sitting in the coffee shop watching as the rain starts to spit and spray again as if it can't make up it's mind to let go now....or wait until I'm halfway to the bus stop a bit later

Last night I got trapped under the awning behind the library when that series of storms rolled through. ( As did Barry, aka 'Rainman', carrying his sleeping cardboard and heading for higher ground while mumbling/babbling semi-coherently, and a few minutes later someone else came by trying to outrun the rain....reminiscent of the tornado scene in "The Wizard Of Oz" I was okay for the first half hour or so as the rain came down in buckets, filling the recessed ramp of the loading dock to within an inch of the top. That is a good 4 & 1/2 feet of water that sluiced of off both parking lots. Seem like the drain may be a wee bit clogged, dontcha As I stated I was okay for a while because the rain was coming own in a vertical deluge. When the trailing edge of the first storm passed and the leading edge of the second one blew in the rain became horizontal first in one direction, then the opposite.

I didn't get 'soaked' per se, more like 'thoroughly moistened'. As did my bags and the TV before I got it wiped own and in the case. The worst was over in an hour and I lifted and rained the picnic table then wiped it down and tuned back in.
The Russian guy I've mentioned, Ivan, was walking by and asked if he could sit and watch with me, so we watched 'The Office' twice and 'My Name Is Earl' and then I gave him some extra sandwiches and we split up and I went into the shed, which, as expected, was dry on my third, but a puddle of pulp on the other two thirds.

I slept like a rock for 5 hours. catching up for missed sleep while at Jenn's, woke up took my morning meds and got another 2 hours sleep. Then it was over to the Giant to wash up and grab a little bit of turkey to add to the sandwiches I was given last night. After that I stopped by the library to talk to the manager and show her my cell phone pics of the water last night. She told me it was a known issue, and that during the hours they are open they would have put a submersible pump in there to let it drain in to the grass.

Then it was over here to the coffee shop courtesy of one of the MTA's nastiest drivers who was deliberately EVERYONE!
"Write 'er up!" was the consensus echoing on the bus as she went right past the light rail stop EVERY OTHER BUS DRIVER STOPS AT! to one farther away and inconvenient.

I was the recipient of kudos and kind words about this weeks column in the City Paper, despite, (obviously 'to my eyes only'!) an orphan line that should have been removed when the rest of the content that it was referring to was edited out.
And now it's time to pack up, call Rachel for her nightly goodnight call, and head over to the bus stop.


To: Anonymous;
In response to your Comment, (which I just saw today, for some reason  Blogger no longer has automatic notification, as they used to, so I miss some at times);

Am I a racist? While I make no secret of my dislike and disgust of a seemingly pervasive culture of violence, misogyny, crudity, that is exemplified and glorified by  the majority of the rap music I hear. Where ignorance is the response to common courtesy, self centered greed and entitlement trample over generosity, respect for ANY law is absent and let's not even talk about simple manners and pleasantries.
When stupidity and power over the weak are praised, while compassion is unknown........and everything that does not go the way that an individual or clique wants it to go is a conspiracy against them. These attitudes and actions anger and disgust me.
As do the Teabaggers who want to shape the county and Constitution into their narrow minded mold.
And Radical terrorists who twist and pervert religion, Christian, Islamic, Jewish.
And Homophobes.
And child molesters.....etc.
Right To Lifers who don't give a damn about the child once born.
And ASSHATS in general

So.....I would say no I am not a racist, more like an Equal Opportunity Bigot, with a pretty specific focus.

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