Friday, July 6, 2012

"It's Not The Ps & Qs I'm Worried About .........................It's The Ds And Es.............."

Good Evening; you know how hard it is to try to write without using the letters "e" & "d"? Some offered me a USB keyboard, but it is one of those newfangled 'ergonomic' split types that curves like a boomerang, and is really bulky. Just too much to carry. I'd like to get hold of one of the roll up type semi-soft ones, not the totally flat ones but the ones that have a soft key feel. Ah well, just dreaming.

Last night I sat out behind the library until 2:30 am., then sat in the A/C at the gas station talking to Daniel until 3:30 am., when I HAD to lie down and pass out. I had opened the shed door as I went passed to try to air it out, and it helped a bit.  But I was still up and out by 7:10 am. due to the heat in there. Giant, library picnic table, library, Starbucks.....same old routine.

The library was filled with homeless folks today, tomorrow should look the
 same. All those I saw were just quietly sitting, reading, on the computers, grateful for a respite from the heat.

It cooled off today, the "official" temperature was only 96 degrees....ha..ha!
Saturday is supposed to be over 100......lovely,
with heat indices approaching 110 degrees.

Still tired, & don't want deal with this kyboar now


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Azuredee said...


be careful in the heat tomorrow or shall I say today...hang in there! I see good things coming from all of this..Cant say Im going to pray for you, but will say u are in my thoughts..despite being homeless u have a great sense of normalcy and ur humor is by far dull..Keep posting, as I say open books get read and closed books get no know oneself is to understand oneself! I get u, be safe!