Friday, July 13, 2012

"Space Cadet........................... & ...........................Check, Please?..................."

Good Afternoon; was another 'FTMTA' day yesterday. Buses not showing up at all, being cut with no notice, and up to an hour late.
I got back to Pikesville after 12:00 am. last night and it was so nice out with a good breeze blowing that I sat on the bench by the library entrance until 3:00 am.
I started out reading but started thinking about one of the places in the Caribbean mentioned in one of the books I'm reading, ('A Salty Piece Of Land', by Jimmy Buffett), that I've been to, and ended up spacing out and daydreaming for an hour. Then when I went back to the book, I kept falling asleep sitting up for 20 or 30 minutes at a time until I finally decided to head over to the shed. It was cool enough to sleep in but by 7:45 am. or so was beginning to heat up from the direct sun on the wall by my head, which has a couple large metal shelves as 'patches'.
The humidity also rose in the dawn hours so I was up and out by 8:15 am. and in the Giant shaving. I then sat outside the library and had a fruit, cheese, hardboiled egg, and flatbread "protein bistro box" that was gifted me last night, for breakfast.
After the library opened I spent a couple hours on the computer an let my phones charge, (Jeff did get a chance to put money on the "tweet" phone last night, or it may have been afternoon for him in California).
Then I jumped on the bus and subway an went to the City Paper offices to pick up my check for the Homelesscide column. Evan wasn't there so we did not get a chance to talk but he sent me an e-mail with a heavily edited version of what I had sent him for next week with a request for a couple more paragraphs to be added.
That's tonight's and tomorrow's project.

If I wasn't so desperate for the money I'd frame the check and save it some where.
It may come to that anyway, I can't fin anyone to cash it for me right now. I was going to ask Jenn and Tom to send it through their account, but her car died an they were forced to buy a new truck.....literally! The only way they could get financing on anything with the resources available to them, and Tom's credit, which was not 'bad', was on a new vehicle.
(The banks want to be able to sell it if they repossess it, which is logical from one point of view...but is helping to set people up for failure from another.)

I'm going to have to hit a check cashing store tomorrow and see if I can get them to understand why the mailing address on the check..(which I did NOT expect to be printed on it!) different from the one on the State ID I do have, which I have not live at for..???..5 & 1/2 years I think, and is expired anyway. But it does have my name and picture as does my disability bus fare card...soooooo, maybe it will be less of a hassle than the last time I had to cash a check. I think the fee is 3 to 5%, which is $3.00 to $5.00.

Okay, I'm done here for now,

We do not write because we want to; 
we write because we have to.
 –W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965)

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