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Monday, July 9, 2012

"Fungal In The Jungle........................"

Good Evening;
Well.....It was so freakin' humid last night and the shed was so hot that I ended up crashing out about 1:00  am. on the library bench....until the lightning and thunder woke me up just in time to move under the side portico before the rain started. I fell back asleep on the concrete after I determined the rain was not ending anytime soon. I woke up about 7:00 am. and sat there until 8:00 am. when the rain was slacked off enough to get to the Giant and wash up. I had a sandwich left over from last night that was breakfast, (and another one that was dinner.....looks like tomorrow is Dunkin' Dumpster Divin'..), and since the library was not open for 45 minutes, and there was no place dry to sit, ...and....since a bus was passing by, I ended up here at the coffee shop about 9:15 am, the earliest I've been here in a long while.

Jenn is not coming in town tonight so I'm not going to Monkton as I had hoped for a MUCH!!!! needed shower and laundry, and a chance to actually get my skin dry. I have some sort of fungal/yeast type infection on my skin, similar to a nasty diaper rash. It is where my "Dunlaps Disease" is most prevalent, and is irritating to the point of pain, and has it's own unique funk.....not a pretty sight. I just have not been able to get clean an dry enough with all the heat and humidity. I've been using anti-fungal creme when I can, but I need a decent shower first to have it fully effective.

I am supposed to go up there with Tom tomorrow around Midday, if I do not have a doctors appointment for an unrelated issue open up.

Gotta run.....closing time


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