Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Riding The Storm Out........................"

Good Evening;
So....last night was a night of short cat naps alternating with drip checks and constant reconfiguration of the sheets of corrugated cardboard and wooden 'shakes' that act as props, shims, & supports and channel the streams of water to either the outside, or the front areas of the shed that are beyond repair & my abilities to divert the incoming water.
At least the heat has broken!  :)

This morning I was going to just sleep in as long as possible, but that ended up being 9:30 am. :(
I stopped in the Giant and then the library before catching the 2:30 pm. bus here to the coffee shop. It began to pour again as I was getting off the bus and I ducked under the Kelly Ave. bridge for shelter and ended up stuck there for an hour, without anyplace to sit or any dry ground to put the bags on. :(

It looks like the worst has passed with only a drizzle or heavy mist out there now, and clearing skies towards morning.

And that is all I've got to relate right now, so.......


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