Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Bad Company................aka.................The Company You Keep......................"

Good Evening;

Well...........I gotta tell you, loyal reader, it's too damn hot!
The library and the Starbucks both have A/C units that are struggling because the high temps are combined with high humidity. The shed is going to be uninhabitable tonight. It definitely is going to be an 'outside' night on a bench somewhere, hopefully I can get to one that is tucked away out of sight. The Russian junkie kid, Ivan is back and up to his old tricks so I don't want to be out in the open if I can avoid it.

It is not so much that I am worried about him stealing or taking anything from me, (though I trust him about as far as I can throw him if something of value is in reach and I'm not looking, so I try to avoid leaving "targets of opportunity" ), but more of a case of "Guilt By Association" situation.
I keep a low profile and avoid contact with authorities, and have had no troubles. He is known to the cops as someone to watch, and both the gas station and the library have banned him for conduct and things having "gone missing" after he has passed by. I do not need, and cannot afford to be lumped in with someone with that kind of a reputation.

The problem is he likes me and wants to hang out if I'm at the picnic table watching TV or on the laptop at night. I don't want to cause enmity or anger him, he has a short fuse, or even be rude....but, 2 nights ago he came by so doped up he was falling or leaning against me, and slurring that he "wasn't queer or anything", then breaking into laughter and/or a 'nod'. It kinda ticks me off because I don't want any company on those nights I'm sitting out there.

Oh well, maybe I'll get lucky and one of you will call me an tell me to come over and crash at your place in the A/C, or you'll come by an spring for a motel room for the night...(hint..hint, wink..wink..nudge..nudge........LOL!)


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