Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Musings On Life, Death, Family............Wanderlust...............Payday!!.................."

Good Evening;
Well...last night was finally a cool enough night inside and out so that I was able to sleep in the shed...and of course the combination of being overtired and a sore back meant a lousy sleep....go!

I first spent about 3 hours out behind the library reading, eating a late dinner from my care package/scavenger hunt from Jenn's, an watching TV. From where I sat I could see a couple other homeless guys walking up an own Reisterstown Rd. Two of them have been sleeping on the benches in front of the library in the small park like area. The police have cruised by but never stopped, I guess because of no complaints, quiet and peaceful demeanor, and the fact that any action on their part probably isn't worth the ensuing paperwork.

I received a FB post from my cousin Barbara, in California, who found me through the online edition of the Jewish Times back in Feb. 2010, about the passing of a woman who was my grandfather's and her great grandfather's sister at the age of 105, an she was sharp as a tack and 'with it' to the end. This would have been my great aunt. Never knew her, never even knew of her, (though I did look her up on a family tree Barbara sent me). Obviously my family ties are not very closely held, but this stirred something inside of me.
The dual longing for a connection to people and place, and the yearning to go home, to a place I've not yet been, fueling the building, burning wanderlust I've kept banked and smoldering for way too long.
The dreams I've been having lately, that slip through my mind's grasp in those few moments that bridge sleeping and wakefulness, and leave bits and fragments only, too small and short to easily comprehend. The flashes and glimpses of places I've never been calling me home like cherished memories. Sometimes it seems this whole ordeal is only preparation for a journey still to come, deeds yet undone, and stories waiting to unfold.

Blink...twitch...shake.......huh, what.....oh, must have spaced out for a minute, sorry.

In a little while I have to start packing up an head over to Monkee's. I borrowed $10.00 and am going to pick up some 'bupes'
And just after I arranged that Evan e-mailed that there was a check for me from the City Paper that I can pick up tomorrow!
Where and how to cash it is another issue.


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