Monday, July 23, 2012

"Muntant Mosquitoes From Hell.............. & .......................They Liked My Essay, Esai! .................."

Good Evening;
 Well....yesterday was a pretty laid back, typical Sunday. Hit the Giant then caught the buses to Starbucks. Spent the day reading and on the computer and got a ride back to the Pikesville library with my friend John. 
I sat out there and watched "The Big Bang Theory", and "Law And Order" until about Midnight when the mosquitoes forced me into the shed.

When 2 of the hugest skeeters I've ever seen land on me, and I hear one ask the other...
 "Shall we eat here?", and the second one replies,
"No way, let's just pick him up and carry him home before the big ones take him away from us!"'s time to head inside!

It was a weird night for sleep, I woke up at 3:27 am., (after about 2  & 1/2 hours sleep), with a start and in a panic an jumped up and started putting my shoes on before I was even awake. Don't ask me why, 'cause I've got no idea! After a few minutes of standing and swaying in my boots and my 'tighty whiteys' I reached a level of consciousness that allowed me to ask myself...
"WTF!!!!!!!!, Why am I standing here half naked?"
and take my boots off an go back to sleep. I woke again at 5:00 am. for, 'hydraulic' reasons, took care of business and my morning meds and went back to sleep until 7:45 am. After that it was 'close my eyes for a second' and 30 minutes later wake up, until about 9:30 am. when I finally got up and went over to the Giant and shaved and washed up. Then it was over to the library until it was time to catch the Noon buses here to the coffee shop.

When I checked my e-mail there was one from the editor of the "Urbanite Magazine", a free local monthly telling me that the essay I had submitted to the nonfiction "What You're Writing" segment of the magazine had been chosen as one of the pieces to be published in the October issue, in that month's category, 'Companionship'.
Well of course I'm tickled to death with this turn of events, especially after having a second column published in the City Paper in the current, (July 18th - 24th) edition.
Not gonna preview this yet, until just before it's out, for the out of town, 'Loyal Readers'

Jenn is picking me up tonight to go back with her and do laundry and shower at her place in Monkton, and get dropped of at the train in Hunt Valley on Tuesday morning or afternoon. Depending on how early it ends up being I may stop by JAI and have blood drawn for the tests the Doctor ordered, and if not then, on Wednesday.

That's it for now..............


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