Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Bench Pressed.........."

Good Evening;'s too freakin' hot! I spent the 3rd night in a row not in the shed. I ended up reading and then crashed out on the bench in front of the library entrance until about 7:30 am. Too much sun and increasing temps. sent me around to the back where I sat at the picnic table with my head on my bag and dozed until about 11:00 am. I had to go to the Giant and cool off before I caught the bus here to Starbucks. The A/C here is struggling with the stooopid humidity, and I'm wearing my third shirt today. The thunerstorms that would help to cool it off keep either passing south or north, or petering out before they get here.
It's miserable enough during the day, but nights are hell!


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