Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Early Bird Special...................."

Good Morning; it is 2:45 am. Saturday morning an I'm still out here in back of the library. I just finished adding a couple paragraphs to one of the pieces I sent  to Evan at the City Paper for the next installment of the column. I was also watching TV and eating a late dinner and futzing around on FB and Twitter...yeah, yeah, multi-tasking, that what I was!

I had a nice, long conversation with a woman in the coffee shop yesterday evening. Her name is Rachel and somewhere back in the depths of time....(anything more than 2 weeks ago, my C.R.S. is acting, we became acquainted because of the fact that her name and my daughter's are the same. In our conversation I showed and told her about the first check from the CP that I picked up earlier that day. When I went and showed her the paper with the column in it she exclaimed "I knew it, I knew this was you". I had never mentioned being homeless in our occasional brief conversations up to this point, so it was a shock and a thrill to hear that. She slipped me a $5.00 for bus fare for the next day or two until I figure out how to cash the check, and graciously volunteered her help and services if their is anything she can o to assist me. It was a really sweet encounter.

John gave me a ride back here to Pikesville when the coffee shop closed and here I sit.....still.
It's time to lay down now though, before I nod out and drool all over this already messed up


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