Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Good Evening;
Well I'm here again, I don't know for how much longer if sh*t keeps on going the way it has been in recent days.
The 'usual suspects' of shelter, laundry, shower, & money (or more properly, the lack of all of the above), intermixed and intermingled with physical and mental health issues, social service bureaucratic games are actually comforting and familiar in a depressingly twisted sort of way.
The ulcer I think I am getting from worry about court and incarceration (for contempt of court...it has replaced the 'debtors prison' in fact if not name), has just blossomed due to the actions of the friendly neighborhood thugs who stuck me up at gunpoint and stole the money I had accumulated towards the $300.00 I was due to pay today. (I had been saving portions of all those Keno winnings I have written about....didn't know that did you....lol). I had put away $203.00 and was going to tell the judge/master, "That's it!..it's all I have", and hoped he'd realize that it is not a joke being out here, and if not............well, who knows. But walking in with nothing, yeah right..if I'm going to get locked up anyway, hell they are going to have to earn their pay.
The thing that has me so stressed, is that the cop I flagged down was not interested in my problem, and told me that she would lock me up if I tried to press the matter, since I was not really worth the trouble, being only a homeless person.
SOOOOO....I'm FUCKED!!! no matter what!
I have not even wanted to write, but I figured I owed to all you loyal readers, who have been coming back. But I am feeling overwhelmed by
ennui and entropy
apathy and agony,
...................oh great it is closing time here, I may be back tomorrow.....Dave

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